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How to cut a Higbee Thread on a CNC Lathe!


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Higbee Threads are awesome! Higbee threads provide more than a safe, nicely finished part. They also prevent cross threading. Let’s walk through how to lie to–I mean, program this in Fusion 360 and turn this thread on the Tormach Slant Pro!
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  1. vid idea: cut threads on a mill working as a lathe (material in spindle, tools on bed)
    comment: suggetsting this bc i cant find any resources about that / dont know how to google it correctly

  2. OK so trying this now. As long as you use a grooving tool, and use the same hand and spindle direction you can do this partial thread removal. My grooving tool is left hand and my threading insert is right hand. I'd have do the work around to use a wnmg. The workings out still work btw

  3. Sir my question is
    1) which CAM software you are using.?
    2) How can I download or buy that software?
    3) is it possible for me to learn that software by myself just watching some online training videos?

  4. Mdt or grooving tool same width as pitch then another g76 screw cycle one thread deep. To adjust where higbee lands rotationally adjust your start point of thread cycle. Slow speed for steep higbee with max Rapids. Figured it out 10 year ago

  5. Hi guys!
    Not trying to hijack this subject, just making a comment.
    G76 has alot of limitations.
    No shift angle, no negative flank angle infeed, no custom jump-out angle/feed etc..
    I made a macro based on G32/G33 single block threading some years ago.
    Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo1qRJdBHdM
    Within G32 line, you could just add Q180 instead of moving start Z.
    Very useful when you do not have the space to move tool 1/2 lead.

    Simplified metric:
    G32 X100.0 Z-100.0 F10.0 Q180.0 (start-angle shifted 180 degrees)
    G32 X105.0 Z -102.0 F[10.0*4] (jump out feed 4 times the threading feed)
    G00 Z5.0

    Anyway, thanks for the info!

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