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How I make money selling plasma cut signs


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A walkthrough of my process for preparing plasma cut signs to sell

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  1. Really nice cut quality! almost no dross. I believe i saw 160 inch/min? And do you use the thc? Do you use standard 45a nozzle, or precision cut? When i cut something like this, i get way more dross and some lead in/out damage. Any advice?

  2. you could look into upgrading ur cutting bench into a laser system, you won't have to use gas for plasma and thus no need to refill, also a diy laser welding might do good if you could somehow make it

  3. I wouldn't waist that one inch of materials, just cut it in thirds first that should leave you with a 32 inch piece then just put the sheet the other way, you may have to change your program to landscape or portrait if the software has that property or just redefine your edges. Why waist 96 Sq. inches of material.

  4. Awesome!! You say you built the table. Ive been debating purchasing one because as you say they ain't cheap. What was your approximate cost you think? You got another subscriber. Thanks and keep it up ?

  5. Bro., I'm in final design of my cnc plasma table right now. Your pain on cutting an inch off each sheet is real, but you helped me out just in time. I was going to do 48" wide. Fook that, now I'm going to 52" of travel on my head which will prob. have my footprint at 60" +. You saved me some real hassle bro. You ever roll through Nor. Cal. I'll do you right with a proper 'thanks'!

  6. Don't you just love how doing any single simple task on a Linux distro is an arm and a leg compared to the convenience of windows lol..

    What's the reason you using that LinuxCNC as opposed to windows

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