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How I Copy Parts in the Garage on a CNC Mill


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This video is about the work flow I use when replicating parts from start to finish – my measuring, probing, modelling, CAM, and machining work flow.

Machine: Precision Matthews PM30-MV
Control: Centroid Acorn
CAD: Solidworks
CAM: Audodesk HSM

Note: I’m not a machinist – just a guy with a hobby here to share and learn.



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  1. Phenomenal walkthrough and explanation of each step. I feel like just seeing your process answered some questions that I didn't even know I had. Keep up the great work!

  2. That is incredible Adam, I am an old school Fitter Machinist. CNC is 'new' to me. Thinking about purchasing a mill similar to yours for my home workshop, hoping to make some motorcycle parts in nearing retirement. Thanks for sharing your expertise and inspiring me to have a go. Cheers.

  3. Do You know how the formula of upgrading horsepower? Example of 2jz engine had 320hp but someone build 2jz with 3000hp. Is there any thicker wall of the engine besides of bigger compression and gas supply

  4. If you don't like the finish of your endmill then try experimenting with different feeds and speeds. Usually, harder material need faster speeds and taking a finishing pass or two of 0.010 to 0.005 will clean up the face nicely. To be fair, I only work with a manual lathe and mill due to the fact I don't have access to a cnc yet.
    Great video, I can't wait to see more.

  5. As someone from a visual design background who is trying to teach themselves CAD and get into the machining industry, this video is excellent. Have subbed and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your videos. Thanks dude.

  6. Great fucking work! Would you be able to make Sun gears ⚙️ for a transmission if we sent you over any information. Sounds stupid but toyota has parts that are completely discontinued for good and if your able to make a few parts, it'd be amazing and I'd love to support you in the process!

  7. Hey Adam, Great work and great video. For a hobbyist, you are pretty freaking good! I have subscribed and clicked on notifications after watching the first video. I can't wait to watch the previous videos and what else you are making. Also, do you take on small jobs? If you do, please get in touch with me.

  8. Siema Adam! Super video i super jakosc czesci ktore wytwarzasz. Jesli moge cos zasugerowac to na samym koncu zawsze wycinaj fazki gdy wszystkie profile czesci masz wyciete. W ten sposob nie bedziesz musial uzywac tego samego narzedzia kilka razy w trakcie jednej operacji. Nastepna rzecz to najpierw spot drill, potem drill, potem chamfer hole. Jesli najpierw wytniesz fazke a potem dopiero bedziesz wiercic otwor to roznica w kacie miedzy wiertlem a fazka moze spowodowac ze wiertlo nie bedzie wycinac prosto tylko zacznie “uciekac” na bok. Mam nadzieje ze napisalem zrozumiale i jeszcze raz pozdrawiam!! Leci subik!! ????

  9. Great video Adam, thank you a lot. Would you share a video from beginning like starting from drawing part, if it’s possible? I wonder how u copy as same as with the original dimensions

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