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How I built the Simplest CNC Machine with minimum parts possible | DIY Laser Engraver


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Code, 3D model, parts list and more details ► https://howtomechatronics.com/projects/simplest-cnc-machine-with-minimum-parts-possible-diy-laser-engraver/

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Parts list (check website article for full list, affiliate links):
MGN15H Linear Rail: https://amzn.to/3tMPXC8
Stepper NEMA 17: https://amzn.to/2M3aJK2
Laser Module: https://amzn.to/3kdtv1L

MGN15H Linear Rail: https://bit.ly/3lrupah
Stepper NEMA 17: http://bit.ly/2YT8ZWu
Laser Module: https://bit.ly/3sw1GUG

MGN15H Linear Rail: http://alii.pub/604h2l
Stepper NEMA 17: http://alii.pub/604klr
Laser Module: http://alii.pub/5ydb1l

In this video I will show you how I built the simplest CNC machine with minimum parts possible and without using a 3D printer. That’s right. I’ve been using 3D printers for most of my recent projects because, of course, they are great for prototyping as we can easily make any shape we want with them. However, not everyone has a 3D printer, so therefore I wanted to show you that we can also make stuff even without the help of 3D printers or other CNC machines.

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  1. i have teh cnc 3018 and exact laser as yours. but the problem is that I need to MANUALLY adjust the variability (rotating thing above the laser) of the laser while its engraving. so it doesn't change its power by its self. could you please help me on that?

  2. What I loved your part is, you can easily make those drills and cutting in CNC. But did it in handy. you give a hope to everyone who haven't accessable a CNC router. You made a confidence like you can do it.

  3. hello
    i have a question about this circuit. i have made this project as you did but i want to ask you about the consumption
    it is really need the 3A for it to work? i have used the same amount of the amps but i realized that is need more amps than 3

  4. Thank you , very helpful , I made CNC my self and I connected laser head to , but if I try to use lasergbrl , the software ask for machine name which I don’t have and ask for port number which I don’t know cause I am using usb , please help as when I use aspire to generate gcode the laser keep on when move from drawing outline to another and creat unwanted lines from travel distance between drawings

  5. This is a nice project to learn cnc control as this could be upgraded slightly to use a small engraver motor,however,the use of MDF,the dust from MDF contains FORMALDAHIDE which is very toxic,so dust mask and good extraction,ANY wood material will absorb moisture from the air ,so ,you could either use same thickness large plastic (nylon)chopping board which will not warp with heat or moisture or water down PVA white glue to make an emulsion to paint all surfaces of the MDF after cutting to size,this will make it waterproof,make all screw holes self tap or drill holes and add emulssion,removing excess with a cocktail stick from screw holes.

    Nylon chopping boards can be found quite cheap,and are very strong and stiff when used in the proper dimentional axis to force,it can bend but will not compress easy so proper use is a must,along with PVA emulssion treated MDF,a very strong stiff frame can be made,though this project is very nice and the use of good linear rails is very commendable.

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