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How do CNC machines work?


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What is a CNC machine? Scrolling through your social media, you have probably come across videos of machines carving materials into various shaped objects in a precise and soothing manner. These are called CNC machines. Although they can work quite effectively as ASMR videos, their main purpose has nothing to do with helping you fall asleep.

What does a CNC machine do, then? Considering their presence and utilization in the various fields, they do quite much!

Dating back to as early as the 1940s these machines have been indispensable for industrial manufacturing. Thanks to their speed which can not be provided by live operators, it has been possible to mass-produce the materials we use in our daily life. From router machines to waterjet cutters, CNC machining is used in various forms and there is not only one type of CNC machine but three. The most common one is the CNC milling machine and engineers love them. Some programmers even make home CNC machines! However, although these versatile machines are quite handy, they have their shortcomings as well.

These machines have been in our lives since the industrialization of the world and do not seem to be going anywhere soon. If you are wondering about how these machines work and what their ups and downs are.

We highly recommend you watch this video to satisfy your curiosity and do not forget to unmute the video as merely watching the relaxing visuals can make you sleepy.

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