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Home Made CNC Plasma Cutter


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I thought I’d make a quick video about the Arduino based CNC Plasma cutter that I made in the farm workshop.

EM interference was a major issue however, to overcome this I;
Used shielded wiring
Installed a stainless steel water bed
Put ferrite magnets everywhere
Earthed everything I could

Major parts include;
Arduino UNO
CNC shield V3
1.9Nm Nema 23 Stepper motors (2.8A)
24V Power supply
DM542T Stepper driver
HIWIN HGH15 linear rail (A must have item for an accurate system in my opinion)
5V 1 channel Relay Module with Optocoupler (For on/off plasma arc)
“Tool Mate” Plasma clean from Hare and Forbes Machinery House

Software im using;
Arduino IDE for flashing the arduino
Fusion 360
Universal G-code sender

Post Processor: https://gist.github.com/michahump/8a2fc584ac653bd8bd72bc5547a89862



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  1. Nice one man, for emf shielding, it could be coming back down the wires from the stepper coils, (had this problem with dc motor). To fix it, maybe add a diode or decoupling capacitor close to arduino and/or motor control boards.

  2. FuuuK yeah !!! Thx heaps for this. note: Got me a Unimig Viper cutter (only a 30) but hope to convert my CNC machine to a Plasma. Machine is a DIY " LOWRider 2" What Compressor your running for these jobs ??

  3. you could use a capacitance based system for Z height. Like on a digital caliper…put a metal wheel on the torch holder that can move freely up and down and then use the output from it to alter Z height. iGaging has a digital caliper that has a USB out port on it and you could just attach a little sealed bearing as the wheel so the height is constantly measured. kinda hard to explain in words but if you saw it on a napkin you'd understand in a half-second.

  4. Torch height control will help with reduce the Slag, but your biggest issue is your water cooling is to efficient and will not help with reducing the slag. Also slow down the speed

  5. Great job! You have inspired me to make my own setup. Anybody that would give this video thumbs down has either,1failed miserably at trying to build one of these or 2 just plain and simple doesn't understand how technical this stuff is and how you got to have a pretty good mind to set this kind of a rig up.
    Oh..or 3 Jealous!

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