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HAAS vs DOOSAN – CNC LATHE SHOWDOWN – Pierson Workholding Q&A


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Join the conversation as we talk through the pro’s and con’s of Haas vs Doosan in this CNC lathe showdown!
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In this week’s Pierson Workholding Q&A it’s Haas vs Doosan!

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00:00 – Haas v Doosan Intro
00:30 – Experience buying my first lathes
02:40 – Doosan Lathe
04:20 – Pro: Haas Control
04:48 – Pro: Haas Service
05:38 – Pro: Haas Selection
06:31 – Pro: Doosan Well Built
07:00 – Pro: Doosan Accuracy
07:53 – Con: Haas Sub Spindle
09:28 – Con: Haas VDI Turret
10:21 – Con: Doosan Fanuc Control
12:26 – Con: Doosan Standard Equipment
13:55 – Con: Doosan No Airguns

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  1. Well… For me, HAAS seems pretty much outdated and basic for the reason, that they are making Lathes with only 12-position turrets, while Doosan is also making lathes with 5-axis head, and 80+ position tool magazine. Speaking of controls – HAAS, by now, has updated their controls to a bit more modern Windows XP style look, getting rid of that "poke the eye" light blue interface. Moving to Doosan – if you are not a big fan of Fanuc controls, you can always order a machine with Siemens controls. However, Fanuc has updated their controls to more fresh looking iHMI interface by now, and that old 90's interface can be accessed only in a legacy mode. Also, Doosan really have their own controls, called Cufos. And, as I know, it's available worldwide, as it's listed in English language catalogue. Also, you can order a Doosan machine with Heidenhain controls, but – it seems, that it's availabale only for their Milling machines. Still, I assume, that in HAAS controls you have to write a program by hand, or use a CAD/CAM software to generate a program, while Fanuc controls in our 2013 Doosan lathes have so called Manual Guide mode set by default, which allows us to create and edit any cycle in a window, and also draw a shape for solids of revolution.

  2. Jay what model of Doosan you used to make that part you are showing? I´m about to buy a used 2005 daewoo puma 240 (41,500 us dll) up in my shop in Mexico in very good conditions, preventive maintenance and backlash included. I like your videos very much, they are very good. Thank you

  3. It's a lathe…canned cycles are poor man's conversational. Programming doesn't get exciting/complicated until you start doing c-axis & live tooling, multi-axis, etc.

  4. I have worked on both Haas and Doosan for years, in my opinion Hass is your IPhone camera and while Doosan is the DSLR, haas has many fancy things, you will like it when you are a beginner, and if you are a professional and move towards high ends like precision and flexibility you need a machine like Doosan

  5. A comment about the QC collets from Royal Products. I'm not a fan of them. First off, they are very expensive. A QC-65 is about $300 each. Secondly, is the range specifications, if you need 1" your buying .968-1.032.
    Thirdly, they tend to not hold up and get damaged easily and you can't rebore them. For something that is supposed to be hardened, I'm disappointed.

  6. We have doossan lathes and haas mills, i dived into the programming at the machine with the haas control, i can tell you its not easy and IT takes a long time. With the doossan lathes i am pretty sure i can program the products faster at the machine then they can at the office. That's. Big big pro to me because when i make a program at the machine its way easier to change and i can see way better what the machine is going to do. the fanuc on the doossan machines is great to work with.

  7. I’m sorry but if your telling me that doosan and haas are even in the same realm that’s crazy. I have had haas lathes that increase .008 over an 8 hour shift next to a doosan lathe that’s 10yrs older that still holds .0001 all day long.

  8. So being used to the Fanuc control from some older Moris, as well as having run some Haas Lathes, I would any day take a rigid Fanuc controlled machine over a floppy Haas that can barely keep .0005" tolerance. Our 1997 Moris run more stable than a 2019 St20y in our shop.

  9. We are actually Fanuc fans at our shop, mostly because it is all we have used over the 20 years. Also Fanuc quality is great and parts are easy to get used when needed. However because the Haas service seems so good we ordered two Haas's to give them a try. I am sure we will be happy. Our work is all light duty. Also Haas is built in the USA.

  10. I´m from Germany and we have in our Shop like 18 Machines with Fanuc Controll .. and yeah .. They are all different. Its Horrible. Thats because the Machinist cant Work on other Machines. Its everytime like another Controll. The Only similiar thing are the G-Codes. M-Codes are different because it depends on the Manufacturer of the Machine.
    We are only Programming in our Shop by Hand . No Cam System 🙁

  11. I watched this video and bought a new ST10 and wish I hadn’t! Has a major problem they still haven’t solved. 20 days of downtime for 60 hours cut time and wait 5 days a time for breakdown assistance. Warranty not much use when the downtime costs you a few thousand each time. Should have gone Doosan and still might yet if I can sell this dead duck

  12. The bonus for Doosans is the option to have Fanuc or with siemens sinumerk. HAAS do have some nice little features on the control which I know the Doosans dont have.

  13. I have worked with both brands of machine's. And I find that the Doosan is a way better lathe then what Haas has to offer. But I also find that Haas makes a great VMC. Now this comparison is not even comparable. I feel the Haas is a step below Doosan. I feel that Doosan is a far better quality built machine. And it's not fair to Haas to be compared to Doosan. Doosan is on a whole different level than Haas. Haas I feel is a "C" level product. Doosan is a "B" level product. They both are on different teirs of machine's. Now that being said I think anyone looking for a Mill or Lathe should check out both brands. They both make good machine's. Just one is on a higher tier.

  14. If you got the doosan with Manual Guide i or EZ Guide i conversational programming it will beat the haas version of quick code hands down. Yes there is a learning curve but what doesn’t these days.

    The Fanuc control will have more Macro B registries.

    The Fanuc control has KNOBS for the feedrate and spindle. This is huge! I hate the haas buttons.

    Haas has more online help

    Haas has the best user friendly control

    Haas has the best way to turn off the damn look ahead for macro programming. ( Fanuc has multiple ways that all suck. The best way is to stack multiple lines of G4 before and after your calculations.)

  15. Haas is great for those who machine parts and machining time is not an issue, Doosan is great for those who mainly need to run parts were the consistency is key.

    I bought and run Neway cnc Lathes and mills because are 20% less expensive than the Corean and are Assembled in TX.

  16. Daewoo had a surprise for one of my employers. Two and three years after buying a pair of turning centres, the provincial (Canada) electrical inspection board made it mandatory that all the big red emergency switches be replaced. Daewoo, however, would not pay for that. I'm sure it's not unique to that brand, but thermal growth made life more difficult. After a lot of roughing, getting the proper shaft size for the bearing took a lot of care.

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