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HAAS ST-30Y UPDATE: Is this CNC Lathe WORTH IT? | Pierson Workholding


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We’ll be reviewing my HAAS ST30Y and seeing if this CNC lathe was actually WORTH IT!
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The HAAS ST30Y has an auto door and so much more! We’ll be showing you some CNC cutting footage, how to set up the HAAS ST30Y, show you the servo bar feeder, and answer the big question: does it hold tolerances?

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00:00 – Intro
00:30 – HASS ST-30Y Overview
02:52 – How we tooled up the ST-30Y Lathe
07:13 – Servo Bar Feeder
12:50 – Making Some Chips
13:44 – Additional thoughts
17:45 – Does it hold tolerances?
22:25 – Final Verdict
23:19 – Outro

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  1. One thing I’ve found with this machine is it’s not great with larger insert drills in stainless steel. It’s less rigid than our SL30 so it breaks inserts more often and complains a lot more while drilling

  2. on the old haas SL-lathes the spindle liner is a metal tube with O-rings .. where u have to put plastic bushings inside .. it rattles and make alot of noise .. and sometimes fall out.. The bar feeder wont move to the side like this .. and pulling out the spindle liner is like competing in the olympics.. And you risk cutting your arms open from sharp metal edges . Sometimes the bar feeder get crazy if u get a chip on a magnetic sensor, .. the thin push rod end up looking like a snake sometimes,

  3. Question – As a job shop that wants to have future lights out potential but still do small run orders with minimal labor required is there any reason I shouldn't consider this machine? Thanks

  4. for loudness try to pad the inner housing of the spindle with glass wool or rock wool . (is used in audio enclosure for damping purpose, in this case it works like a sound insulation)
    and there is a paint that removes vibration from pannels (anti-noise) or there is also pads of bituminous like rubber that absorbe sound and vibrations ( you find in car audio application)

  5. In factory where I work we use largest and most powerfull machines to do fine job like hard turning(turning parts to final meassurement after hardening). One machine was destroyed right after bought brand new, boss send it to repair and I'm glad I can say that that machine is holding measure of 0.002mm through all day of working. It is really weird how masive machines hold tolerances, take beating and abuse and some smaller machines get wrecked so easily and don't really hold on tolerances as much as large machine.

  6. Hi, Happy new owner of ST30Y, with haas barfeeder, now bumped into problem, how to push finished part out of subspindel jaws? Spring loaded pushrod pushmotion is not long enugh.

  7. How does this machine cut , I only ask because I bought a ST30 and to be blunt it was a bag of shit , I could not wait to get rid of it , I replaced it with a Doosan GT2600 this machine cuts brilliantly. I am not just slagging off Haas as I have a had a SL10 for 17 years and this cuts fine and does a good job , maybe Haas can only make small lathes

  8. Question: I've been following your channel learning quite a bit about lean principals and manufacturing. Why are you running a years worth of inventory in one month? That seems very not lean. Just curious about your reasoning.

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