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Getting started with the Chinese made 6090GZ CNC Router


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In this video I will be showing off the 6090GZ CNC Router I purchased from Amazon.

I’m going to go through the unboxing, assembly and testing.

Here is a link to the 6090GZ that I purchased from Amazon – https://amzn.to/3yzxsmz

Here is a link to the Mach3 software (minus the license file):

Here is a link to the RnR Motion DLL file:

Here is a link to the VFD settings document (from the 3040 manual):

Here is a link to the manual for the 6090GZ:



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  1. This video of yours has been like the light to start understanding the machine, but I have a question, how can I check the vertical axis of the machine once I have it connected to the computer

  2. Jeff , to get your spindle going you said you made a change from the settings prescribed in the manual…you set something to zero ? And I think you mentioned that change would be in the comments. But I didnt see it. Im still hogtied by this spinde issue.

  3. I got one of these Chinese machine, too. It's not advised to start the spindle at high speed as this will shorten the life span of the bearing. Start at 3000rpm and increase for every 3-5 minutes. This will help the lubrication on the bearing. If you have more budget, you can upgrade the bearing on spindle. With 4 bearings, the noise will decrease.

  4. I have the 6090 machine USB and can only get motion on the XYZ but no spindle control in Mach 3. Also the supplied USB hand held controller suffers the same condition. I have installed the rnr motion dll into the plugins folder…along with license file. but no luck. I also seek knowledge about scanning an image and cutting out the shape. (In my case wood mouldings…from which to cut a template and subsequently grind the knives from that template to reproduce the original scanned sample.) .

  5. Hey Jeff,

    looking to buy similar machine from ebay .

    just curious for the travel disnatnce of the axes , do you have any intel on this ?

    Need at least 150mm in Z- axe for my purpose of use .

    Grts , thx in advance

  6. All of these (this style) are made by CNCEST. Most of the pages on eBay state that they are unbranded. I just bought a 6040. Need to make a bench for it and assemble it. That's going to be delayed a few days as my order for the lumber got canceled. Have to redo with different lumber. Pain in the ass. Making it over kill with 4x4s.

  7. I'm about to buy the same machine as yours but I'm in the UK. I'm pretty sure it's an identical machine but it has a different name on it, as you said go on Amazon same machine sold by loads of different people. I've wrote to the company to ask if the machine will run on anything other than Windows 7 or Windows XP. They've come back and said no it has to be those operating systems. Are you running these operating systems or are you on a more modern machine running say Windows 10?

  8. HI Jeff, thank you for the great video! I'm really interested in this router but want to put a dust hood on the bottom of the spindle. What is the diameter of the spindle motor? Did you ever use a dust hood with your unit?

  9. Hey there, I just bought one of these and the control box does not turn on at all (I replaced the fuse) is this normal? There is however a red light that’s coming from the machine where the USB port is.

  10. Hi Jeff, I wonder you could help please. I have a similar 6040 router with Mack3 installed. Unfortunately my PC went down, I have repaired the computer and re-installed Mach3. I have all the stepper motors working fine, but I can't get the spindle to run. The spindle on/off button in Mach3 is flashing when I run the program as if I'm cutting, but the spindle is still not moving. I don't have any instructions on the spindle settings for Mach3 so I'm guessing. Do you have a video of setting the spindle in Mach3 or know of the setting I need to use please. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you for any help you can give, Terry.

  11. Thanks for the video! Definitely helps my decision process. 1 question. I read a lot of people have issues with the machine not coming with driver software. Seems like it can be a nightmare hunting it down. There are so many different models available. Did yours come with it installed? Do you mind showing the exact model # you purchased? Thanks .. just a newbie looking to get a start in cnc world.

  12. Just got a 6040gz and hoping this will help me getting it going. I got the spindle turning in manual, and downloaded mach 3 on a windows 7 with USB, but cant get nothing to move.

  13. I'm very interested in the 4060Z CNC router. I'm an absolute newbie with CNC routers. I have a couple questions. I will be acquiring it with the 4th axis. I have already acquired a Sculpfun S9 laser. My main purpose is to mount the laser on this machine to checker gun stocks. Sculpfun assured me that it was powerful enough to do this job ( at low production). My question is what components ( ie: 12V power supply, control cable, etc.) what else would I need to make this laser work on these Chinese routers? It was recommended to use Light burn software. Also, I want to do round carving with the router – what software would you recommend to transfer drawings, art work etc. – Corel or similar?
    I also have a used Legacy Artisan 2'x4' 5 axis machine which I have not plugged in yet or should I use this machine? It was recommended that I learn on a smaller machine, Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

  14. I liked the video. I have the same machine at my work I have to set up. I got it built and spindle turns but can’t get the gantry to move in x,y, or z. Any help would be appreciated.

  15. Thanks for the video, Jeff…
    I've had my eye on the 6090s for a while now and pulled the trigger after watching your setup.
    The lack of instructions was holding me back and rightfully so as now that I have one (same unit you have in the video), I am still quite lost as far as setting up the VFD and Mach3.
    * Not sure it the VFD was supposed to have an initial setup or not but mine doesn't seem to follow any of the settings I have found.
    Could really use the settings.
    * If I understand correctly, Mach is going to need axis motor pin information, is this something you figured out.

  16. Hi Jeff,
    Nice video!
    I have a 6040 version of the same brand or at least what's left of it .
    After 2 years… Solid Al plate bed 25 mm. Y axis15 mm plate with linear rails. Redesign totally of z axis with spindle with bearing block because bearing of stepper motor is used. That sucks. Z axis also linear rails. End switches. Steppers 3Nm with feedback. 36 Volt First nvem controller. Stay away from that. It destroys your machine and then Pokeys 57 that works perfect. 7000 mm/min and 1000 steps per mm all axis.
    Minimum quantity cooling and compressor.
    Now it works fine with aluminium….
    Have fun, you will learn by doing…

  17. Question how do you like it ? Is it worth the money ? Can you cut hardwood with it ? Is this the 6090 model? I do woodworking as well have been looking at much heavier models from China. Like about 500 lbs . But if this can do what I need it would be a lot cheaper and a whole lot easier to get

  18. Hello anyway you can help me get my stepper motors to move I have mach3 installed just can't get the controller to make them move or the arrows on computer

  19. Just picked up one of these for myself and will make a great little addition to the Laser cutter/engraver in the workshop.
    Thanks for taking the time going through the setup.. The Spindle one was the killer for me so thanks 🙂
    Off to look at the Tool Zeroing now and making an adapter for the vacuum ?

  20. I have the same machine as you and I've run into the same flashing 000 on the VFD as you had. Could you provide any more detail on how you corrected that. I am currently unable to control the spindle from within Mach3, I can only control it manually, Thanks for any help.

  21. Very nicely done video. It scares me that there is no manual. I have no experience with CNC but need a machine capable of cutting carbon fiber (tubes that are 100mm diameter). I see this can handle up to 140mm thick. Do you think I should go with a smaller machine even though the specs say 100mm max?? I will say your video is very helpful and you do a good job of presenting. Cheers. Doug

  22. Hi. Looking at these machines myself. Only problem i have with one is they all say only good for windows xp or 7 nomatter where i look. Even google searches i only find people saying thats the drawback of these 6090 machines.. You are showing it set up with a modern laptop and windows 10. Did you have to do anything special to make that happen? Did you change out the control board or do these sellers/people on forums just not even know that these machines work with windows 10? thanks

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