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Getting an idea from you Brain to a CNC Plasma Cutter


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Hey fellas, in this video I take you along on the journey from the beginning of an idea in my head through to getting it to the CNC Plasma table. Just thought some people might want to see what all is involved in this process.
Here’s a link to my shared folder if you need it. There’s some good stuff in there.
Here’s a link to the torch holder (It’s a broom holder!)
And here is a link to the straight torch head and the plasma cutter.
https://amzn.to/2KnmI2F (Torch)
https://amzn.to/3axoZ6g (Plasma Cutter)



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  1. And that is neat the way that you had it set up but I would have put it as an x shape to get complete streangth from all 4 corners if there's no need for you to be able to have to put tools or your hand through that hole that you have in your design what is the purpose if you're looking for strength and durability to hold that whole section I would definitely put it as an X Style shape

  2. It looks good but I think that you need a bigger machine I think like if you would have had that on about 60 amps it would have sliced right through that so I would definitely go with about a hundred amp machine that way you got the balls in the power to do something small to something large I know when I do mine I setup my system here I'm going to use at least a hundred amp machine 70 to 100 amps I have a 55 now and cutting through half inch it struggles and it is a known good brand Lincoln but still that really would have cut like butter if you would have had at least a 70 amp machine

  3. Personally, I don't see why you'd need anything more than Mach2 for a simple plasma setup like yours. I run my homemade plasma table off of a cheap GRBL controller, which is even more limited than Mach2. I use Fusion360 for cam, and it's relatively easy to modify one of the existing post-processors to output simple g-code without any superfluous codes. All I really need is G1, G4 (dwell), and M8/M9 to switch the torch relay.

  4. Great video and great explaination on how it goes from brain to steel! My little brain has such a hard time understanding computer programs, but you made it seem alot more logical.

  5. Nice job Doug….Try sheet cam its cheap and good for that job,you do not need to make gcode manualy ! Very fast and good software for plasma cutting. From dxf to gcode for 10-20sec. I use them every day in my shop in Croatia.

  6. Hey, Doug–

    Just recently was turned onto your videos. Great stuff. You have SO much patience for doing them! The info is very helpful. I decided to build a single-seat buggy–from scratch. I'm attending police auctions seeking a motorcycle engine to use–1000cc, hopefully. The plan is to acquire the components necessary before attempting the frame design, though I have sketched out a number of them to clear my mind and to get my ideas onto paper. I plan to use VW Wide-5 pattern for wheels/hubs (just because they look so cool) but this may change when it comes to actually purchasing the components. I hope I can ask questions along the way to pick your brain–suggestions are ALWAYS appreciated! (From EVERYONE, as well!) I'll be going through the videos and taking notes. Again, CONGRATULATIONS and Big Thanx!

  7. Hey Doug, I have been following you for a while and am also building my own baja bug. You have helped me a ton with your methodical work flow. One question I always wanted to ask, what do you do for work? Thanks all the way from South Africa.

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