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G & M Code: CNC Lathe Programming by Hand – Vlog #91


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CNC Machining – How to hand write a CNC lathe program using G & M Code.

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  1. how does the machine measure the tool this is important, otherwise the diameter will be incorrect or you point for radius gores wrong ,,I have seen many take a chip and set the diameter of the tool z zero on the end .. it's easy but the radius gets wrong they forget nose radius by radius programming .. especially turning, you have to think about everything

  2. I’ve been working on old machines called Davenports and I decided to up my career to the cnc machines im now in collage and im starting hand programming using cimco and I would like to learn how to really get into this.

  3. Just really jumping into the lathes fully now, im wondering if you guys have any vertical turning lathes and maybe you could show how to run parts on them.

    Your extremely good at showing and vocalizing how to do these things. Your a good teacher.

    So thanks your lathe videos are extremely helpful to me right now. Im a mill guy but I can finally work with lathes, large vtls but as a pretty well complete beginner on the lathe side this is teaching me alot

    Thanks from canada

  4. I work at NTN as a set up technician and I would really love to see and learn more about programming in all aspects. I work with metal grinding wheel lathes and also CNC lathes. Most of the grinding wheel lathes have a template for the program but the you have your GA60 II witch are grinding wheel program base.

  5. Have you a Vlog on Type 2 Fanuc Lathe Programming, that is, G10 P0 as opposed to G54 plus one Vlog where you machine the 2nd end of a part that needs a 2nd set of Jaws?(setting the datum to finish the part)

  6. 47 years I worked Aero Space and Medical. I remember paper tape 3 and 4 hole programing with star wheels on controls for offsets. asci & esa Now all controls have a Windows based Control I like them but also find confusing so these video's are great.

  7. Big fan here. I couldn't find a series on CNC lathe or Mill programming. I'd like to find something comprehensive from the basics to advanced programming for each. I suppose it's too much to ask to make a series on programming the Buffoli Transfer Machines?

  8. You started your program with T0101 but if the turret was real close to your part when you started the program, wouldnt it be possible for some of the other tools to hit your part during the tool change? Wouldnt you want to have a code to position the turret at a safe tool change position before calling up the tool change?

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