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Everlast PowerPlasma 82i CNC PAC 10 Months Review! #cncplasmacutter #plasmacutter


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My 10 month review of the Everlast Power Plasma 82i. This plasma cutter is Amazing! You no longer need to risk your own money on a machine you’re unsure of. I’ve taken the risk and tested this machine so you don’t have to. If you want to get one of your own and help me out a tiny bit use my affiliate link. 🙂


Coupon Code: BECK
Saves you 5% of your total order @https://store.evolutionpowertools.com/

Download the “Indexing Jig” cut files for the Langmuir Systems Crossfire Pro

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  1. I was thinking of going with the 60 amp but could get the 80 amp unit if it uses less amps when turned down. How low can you go and still get a good cut? Just wondering if you could go down to 60 amps and it would still cut like that but maybe a bit slower?

    When set to 75 amps and cutting how many amps is it actually pulling?

    Was thinking about the 65 amp harbor freight plasma cutter but 90 day warranty? NOPE. When I seen the equivalent Everlast unit was actually cheaper then the HF and has a 5 yr parts and labor warranty well all I can say is SOLD, just have to decide on the 60 or 80 amp unit.

  2. Very nice videos. Thanks to you,I bougth the Crossfire XR and the 82i with CNC package and also thanks again to your videos I was able to hook up my welder to the plasma table. I may do a video pointing out some details maybe in the future. Well,anyways do you know what is the kerf with for the nozzles that come with the Everlast? I want to set-up Fusion 360 and don't find that info. Thanks in advance and keep the good work.

  3. I have two everlast torches with machine heads. One is 60 amp and the other is 50amp. I’m seriously thinking of buying one. Looks like they would be compatible. They have machine plugs as well.
    They’re saying 2 week shipping time now. Good to hear your reviews.

  4. Very nice video I have the same set up,I still looking tips and trics how to set right amp, speed, pierce dealy torch height ect … and few thinks to help me to do more and better quality job thanks for all your video

  5. After clicking on your link, is there anything else I need to purchase in order to connect this to my Crossfire Pro? I currently have the Hypertherm 45xp with CNC port and machine torch and am going to switch over to this.

  6. Very nice. I'm in the process of clearing out part of a garage for our workshop. I created an invention a few years ago that has 12 sheet metal parts (16 ga) and 7 rivets. It was expensive to get the parts tooled (stamped). There's also no way I can get high enough volume for an order to make the price per part cost effective unless I order 10,000 of each piece. Then I discovered CNC plasma cutters. I'm looking into getting a Crossfire Pro with the Everlast 82i. My price per part will be so much cheaper and I can make 10 at a time if that all I need at the moment!

    Each of my parts have a couple of 5mm (.2 inch) diameter holes in 16 gauge. I've read that you can use a 62i torch (smaller diameter consumables) with the 82i. Do you think that would be necessary or would the 82i machine torch cut .2 inch holes cleanly (they don't have to be perfect)?

    My wife is going to start her own sheet metal art business using the equipment. We're both pretty excited. Thanks for the great content you''ve created. You have a new subscriber today!

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