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DIY CNC Milling Machine – The Complete Build Video


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DIY CNC Milling machine build.

My objective for this project was to design and build a CNC milling machine without the need for any machining of the parts. Ordinarily, building a mill requires a much bigger mill to get the axis surfaces flat and parallel.

By using aluminium tool plate (which is in theory pre-machined flat) and bolting the critical components rather than welding, it should be possible to avoid any machine work. After all, I’m building a mill because I don’t have one!

Linear rails and ball screws are the cheap Chinese 20mm style that you can find on eBay etc.



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  1. Selamlar. 100×100 ölçülerinde ahşap oyacak CNC de T10 16mm pu çelik destekli zamanlama kayısı kullanmayı düşünüyorum. Boşluğu alındığında esneme v.s. yapip yatay eksende kaçırma yapar mı ?

  2. you like an artist, engineer and craftsman al in one. Really nice work and thanks for sharing! I wanne build my own cnc to, but smaller. I’m curious, I guess you’re using aluminum plate material underneath the linear guides, can you tell me what thickness plate material and what type of aluminum (6082, 7075..)? And is the aluminum plate material flattened?

  3. Very nice work! It sure helps when you have a great selection of tools. I don’t think I’ve seen such nice holes made with a hole saw. The enclosure is really clean. That’s a great idea using the extruded standards andI love the door hinge. How much time did you invest in the project? ?

  4. Hey mate congrats on a great build. I am in the process of building a Vertical Machine Centre as well. Could you tell me what stepper motors and what diameter ball screws did you use. Looks like a 1” ball screw in the videos. The linear slides, is that the 20mm wide ones ?

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