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DIY CNC LATHE – Wiring Diagram


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Many of you asked me for a wiring diagram for the DIY CNC Lathe. Here are some details about the electrical wiring. For more details about wiring VFDs, Stepper Motors, the CNC Breakout Board – check out my other videos on this channel.
PDF with this diagram available for my supporters!
Always remember – working with electricity is always dangerous. This is how i did it but I’m not a professional. If you’re not sure about something – ask a professional!

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00:00 Overview of devices
01:52 Wiring diagram
02:23 Details of wiring
08:55 Ending



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  1. Thanks for the overview ^^ are you going to do an overview on your Linux CNC config
    and is there a specific reasoning why didn't you use a switching power supply ?

  2. Hola Master!!!!. Muy buen material haces. Muy agradecido!!!!. Y comparto el tereré y mate al igual que vos. Una consulta respecto al (modulo power supply y el trafo toroidal). ¿Se lo compraste a Adam Maszynotwór o lo hiciste?. ¿Si podes dar mas info?. Gracias

  3. Nice video.. very useful info
    Two questions:
    For the encoder you only use one Phase and leave the other phase not connected.. is it enough?
    The other question:
    What is the need for the USB cable between the board and the PC if you already use parallel port for communication between PC and breakout board?

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