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Cutting Demo – CrossFire CNC Plasma Table w/Razorweld Vipercut 30 Plasma Cutter


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Quick demonstration cutting a custom 1/8″ steel bracket on the CrossFire CNC Plasma Table with the Razorweld Vipercut 30 Plasma Cutter. Visit us at http://www.langmuirsystems.com/ to learn more!



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  1. I been wanting to buy a table but not having someone local to help me understand programs keeps holding me back. Its been a while that I looked into the programs so might do more research.

  2. Hm what are you cutting exactly? I can't really see and understand what you're cutting. Like others here I also want to see more videos and design options of what this machine cutter does. This video is not very specific for a potential buyer who is a beginner and is just starting to learn about this cutter.

  3. Im new to laser cutters I have no knowledge, but I am into the wood signs business and I see people doing cutout letters (intricate lettering) would this machine allow me to cut that on wood and can I do way bigger than that table? (I know they width is size limited but can I cut out shapes as large as I want? TIA

  4. Looks like a great affordable unit… Are there any plans for an updated unit that has Z axis capability? I see there are a few individuals that have made their own successfully but it would make more sense for Langmuir to have this upgrade installed by now? Please let us know.

  5. I need to hit the ground running and all i have is a plasma cutter and a laptop ? Do you provide all the software i need or can you help me get set up ?

  6. Dumb question.. I have the razor cut 45 and when its done cutting the air still blows out of the torch head for a good 10 seconds and its blowing my solution everywhere.  Anyway to turn that post flow air off or lower the duration?

  7. Material processing question from a welding engineer: How on earth is THIN STAINLESS cut successfully time and again with no digital torch height control THC? Should I expect the high coefficient of thermal expansion/low thermal conductivity=DISTORTION PRONE material to warp, buckle and therefore lift, shift and touch the cutting tip nozzle thus grounding out the circuit and essentially crashing the machine? I am quite serious about making a purchase of your machine ONLY if I am able to upgrade at a later time to a 4×4 or larger table work surface with the included initial software package. Thank you.

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