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Cutting Acrylic with a Laser Cutter


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Tim shows me how to use a laser cutter to make clean cuts from an Adobe Illustrator file in acrylic (plexiglass). This video was taken at the James Madison University’s X-Labs.



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  1. Where can I buy a laser cutter? Does a small one exist? I am just wanting one to make small pieces of jewelry with acrylic and I don't know where to begin. Thanks

  2. The voice of the cameraman seems to be Mike Mackenzie of C.E.M. There were 2 useful takeaways for me in this video: 1) Use full power to cut fast enough to not heat the rest of the material (which causes deformation/ridging) and 2) applying dishwashing soap to both sides and letting it dry before lasering. I will try "clearcoat" sheeting (which isn't clear BTW) instead as this also provided a barrier and avoids the evenness and drying issues of soap.

  3. Great video, I was wondering if you could help me with a few questions. My intentions are to create what looks like a cut in Acrylic but is more closer to just an internal scar that is foggy and glows like a ribbon in the Acrylic when lit. Can this be accomplished with less power and faster speeds? If this is not possible how thin can the laser cut be so it is almost invisible when viewed from the cut direction yet will glow when light is shown in the Acrylic. Thanks

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