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Crossfire CNC plasma table Titanium plasma 45


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I’m testing out my new Langmuir systems Crossfire CNC plasma table, I’m running it with my Harbor freight Titanium plasma 45 torch. It runs Mach 3 for the controller software and Fusion 360 for cad work.

Disclaimer: Important Safety Information
Your plasma cutter power supply will expose you to high voltage and high amperage electrical components. It is your responsibility to make sure that all work is done safely and with the power disconnected. If you have any doubts regarding your ability to safely perform this work, you should consult the services of a professional electrician. Mike Festiva will not be held responsible for any injury or death resulting from the incorrect or unsafe execution of this procedure.



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  1. If you are interested in this CNC table here’s a link to the website http://store.langmuirsystems.com?aff=16 and if you plan on buying one, Here is a promo code that will save you $100 off your table! The Code is MIKEFESTIVA This is a affiliate link so I get a little kick back and you save $100 so it’s a win win 🙂
    **After Running the Titanium Plasma 45 for 3 years it's held up great! But I feel the Hynade CUT 60 CNC Plasma with blow back pilot arc start offers much better value and is PLUG and PLAY CNC ready***

    Amazon Paid affiliate links below

    Hynade CNC Blow Back Digital Air Plasma Cutter, Non-HF Pilot Arc Non-Touch Plasma Cutting Machine, THC Torch Height Control Enabled (CUT60DN) https://amzn.to/3DEzR2m

  2. I know this video is old , but anyone bad mouthing a Vulcan pro tig , 200 or 205 , is off their rocker. I bought the 200 when it first came out , I ended up melting the torch running non stop on 1/4 inch aluminum plate for 35-40 minutes. I went in to try and get my torch replaced , rather than give me a 50 dollar torch , I received a brand new welder. Mine came with a 1 year money back guaranteed warranty. And I paid 150 for the additional 3 year warranty beyond that .

    I recently upgraded to the 205 , and love this machine. My buddy bought the heavily used 200 . He was also welding 1/4 inch plate wide open at 200a with it , and although it sputtered lightly after about 20-25 minutes , it never overloaded “something he said his alpha tig would’ve done within 5 minutes of welding on the same material at same amperage .

    I found this video because I just picked up the titanium 45 , and I do believe I’ll be buying this table as well , after watching this !

    Excellent content

  3. Thank you for getting to the point! I don't have patience for excessive long intros, and guys trying to be "funny" is more than I can take. Your videos are completley watchable.

  4. Can you please do a video on how you wired your plasma cutter to your tablets operating system? I am trying to get my Tracker CNC table repowered with a more affordable plasma cutter than the thermal dynamics cut 80 that I bought with it, I have had nothing but problems with that plasma cutter and would actually like to use the 16,000 dollar table I have collecting dust. I just don't have the money to buy another 4,000 dollar plasma cutter right now or in the near future that I can see.

  5. When setting up the Titanium 45 with the Langmuir table, what did you enter for the kerf size? I've searched everywhere online and cant find anything. Thanks in advance, great videos!

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