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CNC Router's that can make $1000 per day 3D deep engraving crazy horses


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A Roger Clyde Webb easy learning CNC Router tutorial Video 683 CNC Router that can make $1000 per day 3D deep engraving crazy horses

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  1. Hi Roger, I'm looking to buy a carving machine but is so confusing which is the right investment, my plan are to do artistic work like you show here, Any advice. Tks for you videos.

  2. what do you do to prevent cupping/warping once you unscrew the workpiece from the bed? especially when cutting so deep. I have experienced major cupping whenever I have tried to do anything like this which is pretty much impossible to rectify. you're advice would be much appreciated. also thanks for the videos you're a welsh of knowledge and a credit to the platform.

  3. Please get some apparatus to stabilize your video if you insist on hand holding the camera. Also, a cheap flashlight will do wonders to illuminate dark areas so that details are readily apparent. Otherwise, keep making your videos as I find them inspiring.

  4. I have excuses for why I haven't been using my CNC. However, watching this video got me all excited about getting it going again! Thanks a million, Roger! Keep up the great work ??

  5. Great video, as usual.
    May I suggest to make a video about how to clean the shavings and obtain the "final product"? As I know, the cleaning process can be time-consuming and highly subjectec to mistakes (if you are not an expert). It can be a really frustrati g experience for the beginners.
    Thanks for sharing your geat experience with the rest of the world!

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