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CNC Routers – Feeds and Speeds EXPLAINED For Beginners, CNC Router Bits Feeds and Speeds


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If you are wondering what are feeds and speeds for CNC routers, or what is the difference between feeds and speeds, and why are feeds and speeds important, this video tutorial explains feeds and speeds for the beginner for your CNC woodworking.

You will learn what feeds and speeds are, about feed rates, plunge rates and spindle speeds and why spindle speeds and feed rates matter depending on the material you are carving with your CNC router and the type of CNC router bit you are using.

Trying to calculate feeds and speeds for beginners is a bit too much to take in up from. That’s why we start with baseline feeds and speeds.

You will learn how to get a CNC router database library for your CNC router design software for Carveco, Carbide Create, Fusion 360, and Cut2d.

Another way to think about feeds and speeds are cutting speed vs feed rate. Cutting speed is how fast the cutting edge of the router bit is removing material during its rotation. Feed rate, as explained in the feeds and speeds video, is how fast the CNC router bit is moving through the material.

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  1. Garrett, thank you for a great intro to feeds and speeds. I'm new to cnc and your videos are great. Thank you for the videos and explaining everything so anyone can understand it. Also, the new app is awesome! I'll be using it all the time and I'll be ordering bits. Thanks

  2. A great beginner video on feeds and speeds but I have to say telling your audience to ignore “chip load” is doing them a disservice. That’s probably the most important piece of information users need. Why? Not all machines are created equal and a hobby machine made with extruded aluminum is not as rigid as say a welded steel frame found on better quality machines. The two machines will run at different feed rates as you can’t plow into hardwood or aluminum at the same feed rate and DOC on both machines. This is where chip load come into play. If you understand chip load you can vary the feeds and speeds for your particular machine and still maintain the same chip load and get great, clean cuts. Router bit manufacturers publish chip load data for this very reason, not all machines are created equal. The Vectric software will calculate chip load for you so you can get the best feeds and speeds for your machine. I suggest you talk to whoever makes your bits and include the chip load for each bit in your app. In my opinion this should be taught first before you talk about feeds and speeds. Understanding chip load will make you a better CNC user. If a user calculates feeds and speeds with your app and when they start cutting they are getting some chatter, if they understand chip load it’s an easy adjustment. They can simply adjust the feeds and speeds for their machine while maintaining the correct chip load so as not to overheat the bit or break it. When you break a bit, it’s because the chip load was wrong. When you overheat and burn material, it’s because the chip load was wrong. Chip load is a very important topic and CNC router users need to understand it to make the best cuts with their machine and get the longest life out of their router bits.

  3. Thank you so much for adding that App!! I was finally getting into my MK2 and Aspire and got overwhelmed fast. After watching several of your videos and downloading the app (which was the last piece I needed). I'm ready to tackle a baby project. Thanks so much for being there for us Newbs! You helped us decide on the MK2 and we have already purchased your starter kit. A few requests: Can you add Apple, Cedar, Cherry & Yew to the collection of materials? Alphabetical order would be awesome as well.

  4. I was wondering if you could help out with a whiteside 60 degree feed speed question. I want to primarily make signs using this bit and pine or Baltic birch ply. The recommended feed is 100 and speed 18000, but the carve isn’t totally clean ( fuzz etc) especially on plywood. Would it be possible to slow the feed to 60 without burning up the bit? Thanks! I have your tool database so maybe I’ll check for 60 degree bit recommendation.

  5. Awesome video and app! I have one app feature request of including the spindle speed in frequency too. My Laguana Swift 4×8 CNC has a frequency spindle drive so I have to convert the IDC spindle speed to frequency (RPM/60). Extra brownie points to be able to print out the bits feeds & speeds so that I can tape it next to my CNC frequency drive! Thank you for all you do!

  6. Garrett, as always a very informative video. Told a friend of mine that's just getting into CNC about your website, video's and your dynamic bits as well. Thanks for all you do….

  7. Hi Garrett what an amazing video for feeds and speeds. I have downloaded the app and followed your tutorial to import the bits into my vcarve pro program. Super stocked about that. Silly question for the group. All the info is in the description for the bit I am using. Does this mean when I am in G Sender I no longer need to go to the firmwear tab and enter the 3 speeds from Sienci Labs website they provided? Hell Im not even sure that I have been entering those 3 numbers correctly for the last 6 months.

  8. Hi Garrett. Request for a Youtube video – Would you be interested in doing a 'Feeds and Speeds' video in regard to hardwood vs softwood? What, if any, thought process and tool speed/feed adjustments if moving between the two different types of wood.

    For instance, I like to prototype on less expensive woods which are generally softwoods. But, with softwoods there are challenges with splintering or edges fraying and leaving 'whiskers' and such. Hardwoods cut much cleaner and is easier to do. Cedar is great for outside and weathering but is very difficult to dial in with the speeds and feeds (I often re-run the tool path to clean up the cuts but still find myself with a sharp knife for final trimming). Moving from softwood prototype to a hardwood final product – what things should I take into consideration with feeds and speeds?

    Just a thought. I can't seem to find this topic discussed in any depth in relation to cnc on this subject.

    As always, love the vids!

  9. Love the video! Been CNCing for almost 3 years now….still a newb at it and your videos are helpful! Always more to learn! I do have VCarve Desktop, but feel a bit more comfortable with Easel. Your app will certainly help!

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