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CNC Routers – Changing The Bit During A Project, How To Know When


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This CNC router tutorial video teaches you how to know when you need to change the bit in your CNC router during a project run. When you design a project that has more than one router bit, such as a v-bit and a down cutting endmill bit, you need to know what steps are needed and how the post-processor is set up to make sure the bit change takes place.

In this tutorial, we use the Longmill CNC router, gsender (g sender) control software and Vectric Vcarve, with an acrylic project with an LED lighted base, using an o flute bit and an engraving bit.

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Longmill CNC Router → https://sienci.com/product/longmill-mk2/?ref=IDCWOODCRAFT
Longmill touch probe → https://sienci.com/product/touch-plate/?ref=IDCWOODCRAFT
gSender control software → https://sienci.com/gsender/?ref=IDCWOODCRAFT
Vectrc Vcarve Pro design software (recommended) → https://bit.ly/3d4WrEU
Vectrc Vcarve Desktop design software → https://bit.ly/3D4CwjH
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1/8″ 0-flute bit → SEE BELOW
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LED & Acrylic set (12 sets) → https://amzn.to/3rXqXYb
LED base (set of 6) → https://amzn.to/35wSJ6j
LED base (set of 4 w/ acrylic) → https://amzn.to/3IKINo8
1/4″ Acrylic sheets (set of 3) → https://amzn.to/3rXqRQj
3/16″ Acrylic sheet → https://amzn.to/3H9bYAR
1/8″ Acrylic sheets 12×16 (set of 2) → https://amzn.to/3AFH5RS
Make your own clamps video → https://youtu.be/b9miRXZGd1I
House number sign project → https://youtu.be/C46zguYGM-o
How to find exact XYZ position → https://youtu.be/UaDMzl_ZXVg

1/4″-1/8″ reducing collet → https://bit.ly/3IGljAs

1/8″0-flute bit
Get it here → https://bit.ly/3syfTCA
* Pass depth (depth per cut): 0.125
* Feed: 60-80ipm
* Plunge: 40ipm
* Stepover: 40%

With 120° tip (with 1/4″ shank) → https://bit.ly/3tRy98s
With 120° tip (with 1/2″ shank) → https://bit.ly/3qq5KUR
90° replacement tip → https://bit.ly/3bp0omD
* Pass depth (depth per cut): 0.1
* Feed (acrylic): 40ipm
* Plunge: 40ipm
* Stepover: 40% (does not matter with this bit)
→ Set as engraving bit for machines with spindles
→ For glass, steel, granite and other hard materials, contact Widget Works
→ Do not turn router on for this bit

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  1. Very sorry to hear about the loss connected to this acrylic project. Losing a family member is too painful.
    Most people take life for granted whilst busy in this world. The first time I saw a funeral and asked and learnt that we all will leave this world one day, is what made me think about life. It has changed me and my perspective on life forever.

    What is the z probe you are using and can i buy it also from your links?

    I ordered the full beginner set of bits from your amazon store. Just had an issue with the order but I'm sure it will get fixed.
    Just got my first CNC machine before watching your videos, or I would have certainly bought a Long mill as per your suggestion. I definitely consider you as my mentor in the world of CNC.

    Subscribed to your channel.

  2. This series of videos has given me the confidence to finally take the plunge into CNC, you have made the fear of the software a distant past and given me the urge to put my hand in my pocket and start on a new adventure

  3. 😇😇❤🙏Garrett words can not express my sorrow, But I pray each day for everyone in this same situation. Remind her, that when she walks the beach and looks back, she will only see one set of footprints in the sand that's because Maddox is carrying her.

  4. Great video Garrett.

    Condolences on loss of Maddux. Lost my 11 y/o grandson Jesse June 19, 2023 in auto accident.

    I will order one of these drag bits next month so i can do something like this for his mother. Ms. KaDee.

  5. I really appreciate your videos and the way you teach us to use the Cnc Router. I'm from Argentine and want to learn all from you. Also you have an amazing voice so it's really nice to ear you. Thank you!

  6. Hi Garrett, I just want to Thank you with all my heart for being so Brave to have made this specific video, it really must have been very hard. So Sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandson Maddox and the pain your daughter and familiy is reliving each year around. This was once again such an amazing learning experience for me, everything was so well explained and the end product was absolutely Beautiful.

  7. Thanks for your another informative video

    But i had an question if you help me

    I want to know how to find x & y position & bit starting point or xy zero on round workpiece or circle or any uneven complex workpiece objects

    & last but not least you are a very strongheartet person i have ever seen, your story reminds my past 😢 about someone i lost. God bless your family.

  8. You asked for comments so I'll give you a couple. Don't have my glasses on right now so I might misspell a word or two.
    Firstly I'd like to thank you for posting your technique to finding the x & y. I would have never thought about dividing by two and it has saved my butt plenty of times because of the way that gSender is programmed. I don't like it. To be clear I like the interface but I don't like their programming practices and thats the reason for the rest of my comment.
    I'm glad you mentioned that gSender will send the router back to its original position because mine doesn't. I would love to know what I am doing wrong. Mine just raises to its safe height and stops and than I have to press the Go button to return to zero.
    I imagine that only works when you have those switches installed I dunno? I have not installed mine because they easily fall off and one of them the light doesn't come on so I don't trust it.
    Speaking of gSender, they always do updates during the week but yet they don't improve anything! I think they are drinking their Starbucks coffee and making it look like they are doing something to get paid.
    Here are a couple of issues I don't agree with that they should fix…
    the laser buttons – there does not need to be two buttons to turn on the laser on &off. There only needs to be one. Its a pain in the butt to look back and line up the laser, while it is on, and look back so you can turn off the laser. All the whole it is burning your material even at the lowest setting. Using ONE button for both functions is an easy fix. Just initialize a Count variable to zero and when the start button is pressed it adds 1 to 0. O for off and 1 for on. No problem.
    Secondly- the updates will NEVER let you know it is done nor does it even show how it is progressing. The updates will last for hours and hours and hours and never let you know to restart the program. Hell, I dunno if its even downloading anything at all. Even your cell phone lets you know when it is done updating So, they need to fix that but they continue ignoring it because of their Starbucks coffee.
    Thirdly and speaking of safe height. What good is it when that is not programmed right either? Let me explain…
    I know that gSender has the ability to read the text file cause it reads the text file when the start button is pressed. It could also read the text file when the "Go X0 Y0" button is pressed but it does not. Lets say you fasten down a piece of 1 inch wood and you zero from the bottom near your work piece. If you zero from the bottom and then press the button to go home guess what? It rams into your work piece because your safe height is set less then one inch! When that Go button is pressed it should read your text file to check the height of the wood (I know it can because it displays a picture of the thickness before I even start) and then add that to the safe height so this will not happen!
    But again, they aren't making any real improvements because they are drinking coffee on company time just making it look like they are doing something.
    Here is another thing I am angry about. Scienci acknowledges a glitch in their system. Well that glitch has tried to break my bits a couple of times and it has even broken two factory installed bolts on the z-carriage (those small black ones next to the router) which they refuse to acknowledge. They wanted me to send video but at the time I did not have a phone that could video. I told them the problem but yet he refused to acknowledge the glitch even when I told him its in the pdf file that they put out but yet I couldn't get help so now I'm stuck with a broken carriage cause it tried to ram sideways through the aluminum block at high speed not to mention going through some wood at very high speed which was not in the g-code!
    Updadates my Butt! I'm saying that in jest but when I see that update thing I take it really lightly cause I know its not going to do anything but I'm used to it now.

  9. Thanks for the detail. Why do you zero Z to the spoilboard rather than the top of the material? Wouldn't that make the etch possibly imprecise if you material thickness wasn't exactly as expected in your carve setup?

  10. Thank you so much Garrett for sharing your knowledge. My heart goes out to you and your family. I know the pain of losing a child. I lost my youngest daughter 4 years ago and I too am still in very deep grief. I'm new to the CNC world and just ordered a Long Mill but it will be awhile before it arrives. In the meantime, I have subscribed to your channel and have been watching all your amazing content. I want to use my CNC to make personalized keepsake gifts for bereaved parents and this video has given me profound inspiration. Wishing much peace to your daughter.

  11. Many thanks, Garrett. Please know my condolences are with you and yours for Maddox. I see your pass depth for acrylic is .1 in. Would you use the same pass depth for glass? Many thanks for all you do.

  12. I guess you are setting z to zero on the spoiler board because you flipped the acrylic over and carved the letters in backwards. is that right? also I would like to see the design video, maybe you explain in there.

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