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CNC Routers Can Do ALL That? – WOOD magazine


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Whether you currently use a CNC router or are just curious what the hype is all about, get ready to see some of the amazing things CNC can do in your shop, including engraving granite, cutting polycarbonate, brass, foam, cardboard, and yes, cutting and engraving wood. Read the companion article here: https://www.woodmagazine.com/tool-reviews/cnc-machines/cnc-routers-can-do-all-that

The CNC being used in the first part of the video is an Axiom Pro (https://www.axiomprecision.com/pro-v5-series.html). At about the 5:30 mark, the CNC shown is a Laguna IQ (https://lagunatools.com/cnc/iq-series/).

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  1. As an amateur with woodworker, I typically feel overpowered with the entire arrangement. Be that as it may, this arrangements drove me through with much clarity and effortlessness Allmy.Tips I now work like a genius. That is great!

  2. Starting to change out all my corded tools to cordless and the MyBest.Tools are excellent.I just recently used it to router hinges for a 4 sets of doors with no issues and still plenty of power left (used a 3ah battery).Great visibility at the cutting area also.

  3. So where to begin. I like modifying parts for small toys in order to mount small laser diode or simply replace broken internal parts with fixed ones. I had hoped to get a router for around $500 to start and see what I can do with a small setup as the only things I'm planning to make are not bigger than the palm of my hand. I thought all I'd need was a Router, Software, stable flat, and mount but Im thinking that's not even half what I need. Ill be working with wood, plastic, and polymers if I can get my hands on them.

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