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CNC Milling Machine Simulator


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General Information


CNC milling machine simulator is a multimedia application designed to provide a basic introduction to beginner mechanical engineering professionals with the principles of programming operations for milling parts using a standard (ISO) G-code.

The main task of the application is syntactic analysis of the code of control programs in order to build a graphical model of cutting tool trajectories in three-dimensional space.

The main functions: editing the code of the control programs of the milling machine, operations with files of control programs, setting the geometric parameters of the cutting tool, continuous/step-by-step execution of blocks of control programs, three-dimensional visualization of tool movements in the working space of the machine, simplified visualization of the machined surface of the part, calculation of processing modes, a quick reference guide to using G-code.

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  1. This looks amazing and I'm excited to use it but it crashes for me at the loading screen at the beginning every time.
    I hope it's fixed. I'm a CNC machinist. The macro programming ability in this is beyond cool

  2. I need some help. Somehow the null point is always set on the table even If I have it set to be on the top of the steel, whenever I type any Z coordinate it just crashes right into the table. Got any help for this?

  3. Hi, please have an option where the character size of the program lines can be changed to a smaller one and the size of the raw workpiece should be not only square but also circular. Thanks.

  4. I have a question. I wanted to save a program and named it test. But as i saved it it shows up as .txt and not as i wanted as test.txt, did I make a mistake or is that normal?

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