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CNC mill built from a 3D Printer!


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Want a CNC mill, but only have a 3D printer? Well, if it’s sufficiently overbuilt you can convert it for less than $100!

? ER11 Spindles (and sets)
Amazon [??] ? https://geni.us/J8frQE
Aliexpress [?] http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/zV7Mn6i

? 48V power supplies
Amazon [??] ? https://geni.us/P4fQ2t3
Aliexpress [?] http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/rfeiAuz

? End mills
Amazon [??] ? https://geni.us/DwzZES
Aliexpress [?] http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/jEqvfme

? ESTLcam http://estlcam.de/

? All my video gear http://toms3d.org/my-gear

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  1. estlcam cant start the job at, for example: 10mm height, it can only move below zero on the z axis, but you cant move the head of de 3d printer below zero, so how did you make this work?

  2. Hi Guys, I just had an Idea about using Cura slicer for CNC routers, what if we inverted the G-Code created by the slicer, i.e. the G-code starts from the end of the file, of course the stl file should be modified to accommodate this, instead of having the design on cura one will have to draw the contours and change the layer and nozzle and fan settings, would this work? My 3D printer is infected with Covid 19 confinement and I can't touch it for the moment.

  3. So if i were to size this up, add some linear rails, nema 23s, ball screws,etc… i could still use marlin as a firmware for a cnc? Would i be limited in any way if i used marlin?

  4. It isn’t a mill it’s a router. the subtle differences basically add up to a mill is bigger and more stable… i’m not trying to hate on your video just trying to let you know

  5. Even getting it to cut aluminium is an achievement I have a bit of milling and turning experience and even multi ton machines aren't truly solid take to big or to fast a cut and get a lot of chatter and vibration

  6. Your feeds look crazy for milling, no wonder you wrecked the bearings. Any cutter will have a maximum amount of material it can cut away in one revolution, if you exceed that it causes tearing instead of cutting. That's where all the extra stress was coming from.

  7. Does the power supply just drive the spindle? What about the electronics? They usually take 12/24v, so I wonder if you are running two power supplies or stepping down the current for the controller board?

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