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CNC Machining Amazing Parts W/ Less Than $10K | Super Alloy Milling | Best of Tormach 2019


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  1. Not less than $10k. Click bait AF. No tools, or options at all. Not going to make a cut. Like buying an car with an engine and chassis but not body, interior, steering, pedals, seat, etc. Have fun driving that.

  2. I wish I could tell how many decibels this thing was producing from the video… I want to get a CNC mill for my classroom, but I am concerned the noise will be too much for the classes nearby.

  3. I see a lot of negative comments here, I have the Tormach 1100M and I'm about $20,000 all in up and running, which makes this video a bit misleading, however I don't have any real complaints with the machine, If you need to make 100s-1000s of products per day where the tolerances need to be under .001 its not the right machine, but to make 20-50 smaller parts a day that don't need to have extremely strict tolerances or to prototype parts to be machined elsewhere, its a good buy. I am in a position where if I sell 5-10 parts per day I'm financially set for my standards, and massive growth/business expansion isn't on my to do list, I like to be independent, low overhead and stress free. Every job has the right tool, and it's the right tool for me; just because it isn't the right tool for you doesn't mean its not a good tool. Also, I don't have a background in machining, I am completely self taught and can now model and program almost any part my mind can conjure up and the Tormach is the first VMC I have ever touched, so if nothing else, its worth the money to add those skills to your repertoire if you have no background in this field.

  4. Titan!! Thanks for the content. Do you think you can go over all of the problems y’all have been having with the machine, the cost of parts and labor, the availability on parts, and the overall turnaround time from when the machine broke down to the time it was returned to service.

    All I have heard from actual consumers who have purchased this for hobby or light production use say that the customer service side of the company simply sucks. Parts and techs for machine service are limited and or pricey.

    I’m just wondering if it would be better not only from a financial standpoint but from a serviceability standpoint to convert a manual vertical mill to full CNC? It seems as though the community support and product coverage is better 10 fold VS. this corporate company that just worried about making a sale.

  5. Please be more honest. The 440 is $10k equipped to actually make parts. The 770 is more. Don't lose your cred shilling for Tormachs with +/- .040 Z repeatability like some other channels.

  6. Wow, I certainly haven't tried cutting Hasteloy on my tormach (the only hardened material I've cut, was when I made a programming error I cut into a set of carvesmart jaws – which I will note it cut into no problem – sigh). TBH I've never even seen hasteloy, but at least I know I can slowly mill it if I had to…

  7. for undeer 10K you got the very basic machine no enclosure no pathpilot no servo option , that 770m+ with enclosure path pilot and servo option is under 20k wich is a tad higher and still a "not that bad" price 😉 , atc version it's under 25k , indeed the under 10k entry price still a very good option to enter in the cnc world and do real stuff , but be prepare to spend more to be "really ready" to grind 😉

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