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CNC Lathe Turning build – Part 2


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CNC Lathe Turning we are building.

CNC machine control is done with the opensource software Machinekit.

Technical characteristics:
– 8 positions automatic tool changer
– Z axis travel: 300mm
– X axis travel: 150mm
– Spindle power: 3kW

Music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music



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  1. Bonjour ! Super projet ! Bravo ! Je ne comprends pas très bien comment vous avez réussi à aligner la broche avec le banc. Si vous pouvez m'apporter plus de précision je suis preneur merci !

  2. Hi, great work man!!! I'm thinking on building one. What angle is the tools turret to the chuck? Looks like 60 degree or so… Is there a specific angle that is better? Great job

  3. Aren't you worried about the concrete expanding due to moisture? I've been baffled by this concept of making cement machinery, ever since learning about this in my engineering class. Im just curious about whether the lathe's overall precision fluctuates, due to possible expansion occurring with changes in temperature and moisture.

    Or perhaps Im over thinking things, and the possible expansion is negligible if kept in a temperature controlled garage.

    I'd love to hear your opinion on these matters…


  4. Hello man Nice Job i did something very closed but the problem is when i do treading. The aligment is not correct. Do you have a email or facebook to contact and send you some pics I will apreciate it a lot. I see you mecanic first the disc where the chuck is adjusted. That let you have perfect alligment. Its correct?

  5. i think the most dificult thing was calibrate and allign the axis with the chuck. Do you have problems with treading? or works well. i did something similar with concrete all works well but im still working with the alligment. Could you give your mail to send you mail. My mail chrisvargsch@gmail.com

  6. I appreciate your bulky concrete body design, you can't buy much steel for the same price as the concrete and the concrete is also better for absorbing vibrations.

  7. you mustve had access to industrial machines? I know ive never seen a turret or spindle housing like that. its stout that should rip right through projects Id love to know how you address the live tooling. Im sure others would too.

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