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CNC LATHE?! – Router Add-On!


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This video is a spindle build — a spindle used as both a CNC lathe and 4th axis / indexer for the router.

Working better than I thought, but I’ve still got a long way to go.

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  1. Why not add a conventional disk break ? this would allow for a beefier motor and completely kill any wobble. That with the motor's e-break would pin the work solidly right ?

  2. What size of motor are you using on this? I am in the process of building my own spindexer (my fiance and i are in the midst of purchasing our first house for the family, so my machine shop budget just went into the negatives ?).
    Ive been torn on whether to make a traditional spindexer, or build a replica of this.
    After the 5th time watching this video, i finally heard the part where you said "using this as an indexer", and thus my mind was made up. I was torn because im going through a build already, and feared i would quickly run into the division limitations of a traditional '1 degree' spindexer. Using a stepper motor would eliminate that fear and give me the freedom to make any division possible.
    This is far more long winded than i originally planned, and i feel the odds of a response on a 3 year old video are in the same realm as my machine shop budget. But, can't hurt to try.
    1) what size stepper motor are you running on this?
    2) what size 4 jaw chuck are you using?
    Im sure i could come to a decision on my own for that 2nd question, but figured id ask while i was at it. Love your videos, noticed you havent posted in quite some time. I hope everything in life is ok, and you are still finding time to be in your safe place.

  3. Its nice that you understand, that welding after machining is not a good idea, but will be better if you use the knowledge in practice. The main reason for eccentricity of spindle is welding after mashining, because bearings beds are not round. Check their shape and size!!! This is not only reason, but is most important.
    Dont cut the spindle first year!!!! Wait unless 1 year to disturb free and then correct the spindle. Will be better if you use the spindle in this first year, vibrations will help.

  4. I'm late to the party, but did you are you running the stepper driver with microstepping? For indexing, try no microstepping and you'll have a more rigid hold. Great project!

  5. im a total boob
    shouldnt you use an indexer on your rotary weld table to mitigate thermal expansion and differential cooling during the welding process?

    someone please roast me wif dat big ass troof please

  6. Tony I’m interested to make a coping lathe , imagine a car rim scratch 0.5 mm deep , I need to learn how to make it scan the front face of it , give me a north to start

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