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CNC Lathe Job Shop Work: Programming & Machining Tool Steel Pins


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Turning D2 Tool Steel on the ST-20Y! A friend needed some work done and fast, so we filmed the process. It gave us a chance to learn the machine and develop a workflow. We’ll cover the setup, how and why we used Excel, how to program CAM for ANY lathe part quickly in Fusion 360, how we measured the parts for quality control, and more.

Links for this video

Modern Turning Center Basics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3oqas0lrnA

Free Excel Sheet Download: http://bit.ly/33bIpv3

Mitutoyo QuantuMike: https://amzn.to/2IBNCmx

Autodesk University Free Courses: http://bit.ly/35FtKIL

Reach us / CNC Info:

Speeds & Feeds: https://provencut.com

Download Fusion 360: https://www.dpbolvw.net/click-9255839-12529306

Online Fusion 360 Training: http://bit.ly/LearnFusion360

Hands-On CNC Classes: https://www.nyccnc.com/events

SMW Products: https://saundersmachineworks.com/

CNC Resources: https://www.nyccnc.com 5 Reasons to Use a Fixture Plate on Your CNC Machine: https://bit.ly/3sNA4uH



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  1. Fantastic , this i was searching for !
    Next week i start working for the first time as a
    Cnc lathe operator.
    Don´t get me wrong i worked alot i my life ..lol.
    And i studied mechanics at school 30 years ago , aiai ?.
    A DRO was the hole grail only a few could lay there hands on , at school.
    Other hands got spanked !

    I already had a shop tour And man was i overwhelmed by the lack of knowledge i have of modern day machining.
    Okay i vould recognize the tools , drills and so..
    But all other stuf , was like startrek next generation.
    I´m 47y and worked , shIfts as boardoperator i a chemical plant , also high tech .
    But my Perception of machining was WAY OUTDATED to say at least .. lol
    But already seen some G code tutorials , first pieces begin to fall into place .
    I´m 3 minuten in the video and i know this is gonna be something i can bite my old theeths into and gonna love doing .(i hope)
    Well done , and got me closly following…
    Greets from the Netherlands
    Johny Geerts

  2. In our side of pond, for dimensions of this size (1… 500 mm? or something): Nominal size should be given in full millimeters. Standart tolerance preferably given with ''basic deviation?'' and ''tolerance field/quality class?''. For non standard – deviations allowed. As far, as I remember.

  3. 'RPM' is the same whether it's singular or plural. The 's is already within the acronym, otherwise you end up saying 'revolutions per minutes'

  4. The best way to do the if statement is the number should turn green or red, for good or bad.
    It's fast as hell if you are doing several dozen checks.
    I don't read jack on repeat inspections. I just get bull like if I see red on the inspection page.

  5. Lol people arguing on the comments about their measuring system. Lmao america lacking behind again in imperial,like come on, you're behind everyone in new and better changes.

    Only salty yanks gonna comment and try to wobble their fat flabs and make a fuss about this aha

  6. Just a suggestion for process security. The V Style (35 degree) finish tool is not what you should be using for the finish pass. The part geometry doesn't require that style of insert. A C style (80 degree) insert will give you a much more durable tool in the long run.

  7. As a manual machinist I found this one of the better videos to educate me on new cnc procedures. We have large conversational lathes for hydraulic parts industry, meaning often just one off parts. Really like to maximize machines we will be purchasing soon with more capabilities. Great video

  8. I'd add a row on that spreadsheet with the deviation from centre of tolerance so ((E7-F7)/2)+F7

    could also colour code it so that if it's out of tolerance it's highlighted red and green for in tolerance

  9. Wouldn't it be possible to adjust the max RPM automatically depending on the stock diameter? The length of the bar in the bar feeder shouldn't matter as long as it's a straight piece. We ran our lathe with 4 meter material in the bar feeder with 7000 rpm.

  10. Man how much more complicated could it be to program a lathe part. Fusion is a mess!!! Just draw it out then apply the tool paths. Does everything have to be a huge process of modeling and spread sheets? What a mess.. That part should be done in no time with a decent Cad/Cam program. Infact, it could be done right at the control then ran. I get it, Fusion is free. They obviously don't use machinists in there development process. You now have Over a million dollars worth of equipment in your shop, yet you use cheap free software and do it the hard way.

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