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CNC Lathe Conversion Kit South Bend BDTools SB1001


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CNC lathe conversion kits save time while teaching. A South Bend SB1001 (8k) 8×18 lathe is CNC converted with a BDTools CNC kit during a weekend. Electronics are added, LinuxCNC is installed and configured to use a parallel port, and test cuts with the CNC lathe are made.

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Business Inquiries, I’m a freelance scientific programmer: kent@confluencerd.com

Other DIY-CNC lathe videos:
CNC Lathe Panel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdhNRhK3TCY
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0:00 CNC Kit Installation
3:34 Electronics
4:07 LinuxCNC Installation
5:24 Demonstration
6:24 Conclusion

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  1. Question, if I may. I have a 1605 ball for my x axis. I'm using the bearing housing that generally comes with it. It's always a pain to deal with. Does Billy's kit just come with a with a bore for a bearing alone, within the 1 to 1 housing. I saw you pull it apart but can't make out what is on the inside, beyond your timing pulley.
    Thank you

  2. Hi can you please tell me where you downloaded the post processor for Linuxcnc to use with fusion 360. I am just trying to get my small cnc lathe up and running whilst also learning Linux and Fusion.
    Many thanks and great video.

  3. I wonder if instead of replacing the main lead screws and nuts one could simple keep the original ones and then set the LinuxCNC backlash compensation. I've never use this LCNC feature. Have you tried it? If so, do you think it could be able to handle such large backlash?

  4. Build the kit !!!!! You can save A lot of money with steppers and drives using cut-offs wher I could I built a nice kit for $500 thats with Nema 23's and a spindle controller. Mach 3 or mach 4 is the better software to use lynux is just a load of extra crap you dont need ! I use Mach 4 and I make some extreamly detailed parts right down to the .000000000001

  5. Sweet little grinder. Great comments about buying a conversion kit and both learning from someone else’s design and that the time to DIY could be better spent in other places.

  6. You should seriously look at the new Centroid Acorn controller. Professional CNC interface by a CNC manufacturer. BTW keep up the great work! Love the 3d printed videos!

  7. Neat conversion kit! The finish on the aluminum parts, seems like the parts are tumbled? Reminds me that I need a tumbler.. That bench-grinder! I have some tools from my father, working with them always results in flashbacks. And the flying parts.. Working with wood and plastics in the lathe always seem to surprise at the most unexpected moments!

  8. great video, it must have taken so much planning to cover all parts in the video, I get too excited and start making stuff and then think where is the camera and I should have covered it :(, great job Kent

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