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Buying your first CNC Machine and what you should ABSOLUTLY KNOW before you buy yours!


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So you are thinking of purchasing your first CNC Machine to make a little extra money on the side? Well, hold up before you spend that money and watch this video as it will tell you exactly what to expect before buying your first CNC Machine




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  1. What do you need for combustion ?
    Fuel, air & a spark that is why flour mills have earth straps connected to any metal walkways. This allso applies to woodworking workshops , many a workshop has exploded when a lot of dust was floating in the air & static electricity was the igniter.
    Workshop hygiene is super important you truly need to fit a shop vac system to your cnc machine if you extensively machine wood based materials .
    Rodney Duncan from New Zealand

  2. Maybe I am naive like you say, but I honestly think I will be able to set it up and immediately begin creating good stuff.
    This will be my first CNC, but I have significant experience with 3d printers doing both precision and structural parts, as well as with programs like solidworks and fusion.

  3. Dude, I love the information you put into this video. Now, here's the but, please move that microphone baffle down so we can see your mouth. I don't know why, but having that thing in front of your mouth was annoying to watch.

  4. Hello Mike, I would like to communicate with you about some advice regarding the CNC machine I am buying for Foam milling. I have emailed your email address mentioned on your channel. I would appreciate it if you could reply to my questions. Awaiting your response. Thanks

  5. I have 2 glowforge machines, 1 is a pro with a passthrough slot but it sucks has alignment issues all I want a cnc for is to cut large names for backdrops or large wood rounds. Is that something I can do with this cnc without the expensive software ?

    All my engravings and small projects glowforge does great for

  6. Thank you, every bit of help is needed.
    Seriously looking at a unit and have always thought it is better to buy a better quality because Like you Said " You will trying to sell yours" and we all know people will try and get it for pennies on the dollar.
    Thank you!

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