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Buying a HAAS ST20Y CNC Lathe!


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The Live Tool CNC lathe is here! You know that CNC milling machines are our comfort zone so when it was time to purchase this lathe, the process was a little daunting. This is a basic overview of the Haas ST-20Y, its features/options, why we chose those options, and how it works. We’ll discuss the bar feeder, Y-axis, live tooling, Sandvik Capto tool holders, dual spindles, parts catcher, the Royal QG-65 collet chuck, and the automatic tool probing arm.

I love lathe. And no, I’m not just looking at things in the shop and saying I love them…


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  1. Hey love your channel. I'm looking into buying the smaller version ST10Y, I'm just not sure if its the best machine for my applications. I make thousands of 1/4 x 1/4 x 2" aluminum parts that are very similar and I would think that this machine would be perfect for that but I've heard the live tooling holders wear down and are needed to be worked quiet frequently. I'd love to know how well this machine would do for something similar to my application. since the parts are so small I really cant justify spending the money for a horizontal mill with a pallet changer. if you have any insight I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for all your great videos.

  2. China China castings come from China sheet metal comes depends CX is from China the spindles are from Taiwan the pumps are from China the conveyor on that depends on which one you got they have a Taiwanese call from Kyra once again they're killing the American machinist and you're supporting this shame on you New York CNC but I guess if Paul is stealing from Peter to give to you I guess you're helping Paul to continue to steal from Peter thank you for supporting the American Machinist

  3. It seems live tooling is so expensive, that it's cheaper to buy a lathe and then buy a mill. This is what my boss was pretty much telling me. Then half the active tooling sits. We've been getting a part that would be sweet to have a active tooling lathe. Little bit of turning then milling some .020" through slots. Very small part. Then we have some SS 316 parts that get a 7/8ths hex on them, if I remember right.

  4. Brand new HAAS ST10 is worst decision I ever made. So far my machine has 20 days of downtime and 60 hours of cut time. Won’t change machine and want me to keep letting them fault find in my time and money. Will never buy another HAAS machine

  5. Nice video and nice lathe. (8:308:33) The finishing spindle has actually been available on Haas lathes for about 14 years (since about 2006) on the TL15 and TL25 lathes with finishing sub spindle and live tools, however Y axis was not available at that time.

  6. You've got a ton of comments but just in case you do see this: Heads up with the bar feeder/chuck combo you have. We have the same setup on 3 DS-30s. The spindle pushes forward when it's clamping and this can cause a bit of variability in the stick out length of your stock. 95% of the time it's off by a few thousands so it's insignificant but every once in a while it will come out too far, by 3/8 to 1/2 inch! When we first started about every 2 weeks we would crash or blow up a tool when facing and couldn't figure out what was going on. Now we keep a stop mounted in a tool holder on the turret and push against the stop every time it bar feeds. It's a work around but it beats the alternative. Just a heads up!

  7. I could have used that thing today. My refusal to purchase a lathe often results in my mill being used as a lathe with a cutter in the vise and the part in my spindle. Fusion 360 that.

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