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Building my own CNC Mill


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*How much did it cost?
I hope to finnish it under 10K. The grounded steel plates where a big part of the cost. So if you have access to a big mill or surface grinder. you can reduce that price a lot

*How long did it take:
I made it in 5 months, on and off. between stuff

*Would I recommend building your own cnc mill?
No, only if you like really like to build one, not just own one.

*Whats that drill?
It’s a magdrill. It sticks with a electro magnet to the surface your drilling in. Its a great tool for stuff like this but has somewhat limited use.

*Whats up with the plc?
Thats just a siemens powersupply 🙂

*CAD file:
fusion 360 file: https://a360.co/2NCSX05 (Warning: It’s more an initial sketch than a complete plan. I did a lot of changes when i started to build this)

bt30 spindle and servos are bought an aliexpress
35mm rails (Hiwin) + 25mm ballscrews /5mm pitch (ISEL) bought with a local supplier.
Flat grounded plates: came from misumi
controler: edingcnc iCNC600

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Piano Sonata no. 11, K. 331
Performer: European Archive (public domain recording)



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  1. Electronics engineer without much mechanical experience. I learned so much from watching this. I've built two CNCs but if I use 10% of what I learned from you I'll build much better machines. Absolutely brilliant work

  2. Not good for milling different materials. Metal is definitely out of the question. Maybe some soft wood or plastic, but even then you will be limited on depth of cut and speed to avoid chatter and maybe breaking the endmill.

  3. Pure art. Need more tools. Actually need space for the workshop and more money to ? I have plan to make very rigid small CNC machine that I can use in the apartment. Just 12×15 table size is enough for me at this point. Already found bar and played stock aluminum suppliers and other things I need. But to make it I have just ordered Chinese CNC, metal one. I will use it to help myself to make my dream CNC. For example just mark and predrille holes to be able to drill them with tools I own. Going to keep the other one for smal jobs after it.

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