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Blue Elephant 1325 CNC Router Machine Tour


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Blue Elephant 1325 CNC Router Machine Tour – a walk around and review of my machine.

As I’ve had quite a few people asking about my machine I thought I would make a video going over some of the features of it. I am certainly no expert on CNC routers but hopefully this will prove useful for anyone wanting to find out more about these machines.

I have used the Blue Elephant CNC router now for around 3 years, I tend to run it once or twice a week so it isn’t in constant use but it has been a very reliable machine. The only thing I have had go wrong so far was the drive belt on the Z axis breaking, that was due to me driving it down into the workpiece when zeroing the tool so my own fault. It was easy enough to replace though by just removing the cover. Have a look at the video and if there is anything I have missed then just let me know in the comments and I will do my best to answer any questions.

You can find the full spec of this machine on the Blue Elephant website here: https://www.elephant-cnc.com/pro/1325-wood-cnc-machine/

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  1. Hi Dan, your video is just great
    I’m waiting for my BLUE ELEPHANT ELECNC, I bought it straight from blue elephant
    Can you tell me please where are based in UK?
    Can you give a reply on iulianpascal@yahoo.com
    Thanks ?

  2. HI Mate, thanks for video. I cant get my head around the vacuum table – from what i can work out if you are using the vacuum table you cant cut right through? so if you want to cut something right out of a sheet how do you hold it to the table?

  3. Good video mate! You said you got yours through a UK importer? Could you provide a link to them? I guess I'd save some cash buying direct, but having a middle-man in the UK might be worth it should it come to maintenance and spare parts.

  4. Thanks Dan, That did help ease my mind a bit. I have read some horror stories online about these Chinese machines. I know its not going to be perfect but for the price it looks well put together. As far as that vacuum pump goes you might be able to extend that exhaust outlet with some piping or hose to exhaust those Diesel fumes. Or possibly put it outside if thats an exterior wall and build a small enclosure for it. The vacuum pump they are trying to sell me looks different and doesnt look like it requires water However I, am in the states on single phase power so I know they mentioned I needed 2 smaller pumps opposed to their standard setup to work on single phase. Either way I have a shed right where mine would go so I will plan on just popping a hole through and putting it in the shed. Originally I was planning on that for noise reasons but now I see there could be other benefits. One question why 18mm spoil board ? wouldn't a 6mm or 12mm transfer more vacuum to the part? Or does it not stay flat enough? It has always amazed me that these machines can draw enough vacuum through a sheet of 18mm mdf and still clamp parts down.

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