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Best Woodworking Machines | Top Four Machines


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Best Woodworking Machines. Rob Cosman gives his oppinon on the the first four woodworking machines to outfit your shop with
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  1. The outfeed table on a jointer needs to be about.002-.003" below the top of the arc of the cutterhead because the reference is not the top of the arc but the bottom of the cut made on the board. If the board is moved across the cutterhead the top of the arc and bottom of the cut will be a greater difference. When the board is pushed across very slowly the difference will be less. So often snipe is created when someone pushed the board slower at the beginning and end of a cut. If one adjust the outfeed table for a certain feed rate and then pushes it faster the board will rise up higher and when the feed rate is slower the board will come down slightly. A consistent feed rate and consistent pressure is very important to get a straight edge. The amount of pressure is especially important when jointing veneers.

  2. Disagree with General being the last north american machinery manufacturer. Northfield Woodworking machines is still around and making equipment. Agree about the older machinery, it's the best and nothing in my shop was built after 1964.

  3. দাদা মেসিনের কি কি কাজ এবং কোন মেসিনের কত দাম বলে নাওয়া চেষ্টা করতাম

  4. On a drill press without an elevation mechanism, try counterweighting the table. I installed a pulley on the motor mount and ran a rope from the table's bolt through the pulley and to old iron window sash weights. If want to get fancy, then set up the pulley so that the weights are inside the column.

  5. In terms of safety, a SawStop is the safest of what I'd call a traditional table saw. I almost bought one until I started looking at sliding table saws. A SawStop is a fine saw, but a slider is another option that is at least as safe.

  6. Love the quality of older built tools and machines, with that said, I don’t think it would be to difficult to set that old General drill press with a rack and pinion to raise and lower that table. We need to bring Back Canadian manufacturing.

  7. Hello, not a regular watcher but need to mention something I just noticed. That garbage can under your grinder is a sleeping fire hazard. Sparks from it can ignite slowly and cause problems. Your shop, just asking you to consider the issue. Great looking shop Sir, Cheers

  8. Agreed, but still have some comments: Like the sawstop, agreed it is a great saw, just wish they had 14" or at least 12" models. Certainly the table saw is probably the most used, time wise for sure in my shop. But a close second is my thickness sander. LOTS of hours running stock thru that. I wish they made small thickness sanders more available to folks. Yeah, they are not cheap, but a 16" thickness sander will do a lot for most folks. I think I read somewhere where the average amount of time spent on a project was had over 60% of the time spent on sanding. My wide belt sander reduces that amount of time considerably and makes it pretty simple to do too. I'd never give up that machine.

  9. Hi Rob, some useful tips as usual. What makes a "link belt" quieter? I would have thought all the individual segments would would result in a kind of high frequency buzz. If the Jet Drill Press quill was worn from new, why didn't you send it back?

  10. Northfield and Tannewitz are still making machines in the US, they are industrial machines, The best machines ever made were made here, Brands such as Oliver, Moak, Yates-American, Faye and Egan, among others, Powermatic was originally made in the US back when they were good machines, now they are the same machines as the imports, It blows my mind why someone would buy a new import machine and pay more for a far less quality machine as an older machine

  11. Thanks for the opinion tour, Rob. I'm always happy to receive the notification of a new RobCosman video. With your genius (sincerely) for modifying/designing tools, I'm surprised you haven't come up with a retrofit rack and pinion set to improve on your drill press table's adjustability when they didn't come with it from the factory. If anyone can do it I think it would be you.

  12. Is 3 hp vacuum good for small shop? Also, will be putting electric and dust collection in slab. Any suggestions how much, where, and how many? Hope to eventually have equipment mentioned in video. Just bought used lathe and building a home for it (shop).

  13. My view is, the machines you have will be influenced by what kind of work you do, how often you use them, what volume of product you produce and how you buy your lumber.
    Just sayin, JIM

  14. You mentioned the Poitras name on that band saw, I recently acquired an 8 inch J Poitras & Fils jointer and am going to refurbish it. Babbitt bearings and all. I too love the old stuff

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