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Best Chinese Co2 Laser Cutter Engraver in 2022 Red VS Blue


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In this video I compare my original no name Ebay 60w Co2 Laser to this 90w Co2 Laser Made by http://rmlaser.com/

If interested in purchasing or pricing inquires email the owner at Ray@rmlaser.com tell him Chad sent you

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  1. Hey Chad just thought I would post an update after having the RMlaser over the weekend I got it all hooked up and running and I am impressed and very happy with the purchase it was aligned right out of the box, it’s fast ,accurate and comparable to the big name brands but without the extremely high price tag. once again Chad I thank you for your video comparison and your help answering my 1000 questions lol. If anyone is interested in this machine do not hesitate it’s a high quality machine you will not regret it

  2. I purchased the r1390 and we are having some shipping issues but Yedda and Ray from rmlaser are fantastic. The laser will be here 11/4/2022. Like I said in an earlier post I'd never purchased from China before however this went fairly smooth. when I did have shipping issues with FedEx Yedda from rmlaser was very helpful. I would recommend purchasing from rmlaser to anyone thinking of purchasing a laser. This being said the laser in not here yet but I really feel good about the purchase so far.

  3. Payment update. Yedda from rmlaser (Ray's assistant) worked with me using Payoneer I was able to pay for my RM1390 (I'm very excited to receive this) it was quite a process however it did go through. Now to see how long it takes to get my laser. I've never done a transaction with China, so I was a little skeptical about sending money, so I decided to pay the 4.3% and use my credit card. My bank said if I was going to take the chance purchasing directly from China it was the safest way to go. Now all i have to do is wait and see what happens. I'll keep everyone posted how this goes. They did give me a lower price than purchasing from Toolot. I also got 5 lenes, 5 sets of mirrors, both of their rotary's, and an extra laser tube. if this all works out it will be an amazing deal.

  4. I thought I'd contact Ray and be able to purchase this machine with no problem. That has not been the case. I did a face to face on Whatsapp with Ray and he showed me the machine it looks fantastic. Sense then I've been trying to come up with a way I can pay for it. They gave me a money transfer information that my bank said not to do. There is no website to purchase this from Ray directly so I'm having a hard time with this. Has anyone purchased directly from Ray at rmlaser?

  5. I'm hoping to purchase this with a credit card. Tried to purchase is with the money transfer however my bank called me and said they thought it was a scam and if I really wanted this I should use a credit card because they can get money back if there is an issue. I've talked to Ray a rmlaser and I really believe this is the laser to purchase I just can't seem to get a link to enter my credit card. Anyone else had this issue.

  6. Has anyone figured out how to pay Ray and purchase the directly from him and have it shipped from the California warehouse. I've been working with Ray and Yedda the last few nights and she sent me a paper showing a world wide (swift Wire) for a bank transfer to save the 4.3% for a credit card and Yedda also sent me a pdf to pay with a credit card. I cannot get the pdf to except my information and I have no idea how to use the wire transfer. Anyone go through this and be able to purchase from Ray directly?

  7. Chad I had a Whatsapp video chat with Ray last night and I'm now looking at the rm1390. I made sure he knew I found his machine on your site. I was wondering if I purchase a larger laser am I still able to engrave on small items as well as if I was using a smaller laser. if so how much of a difference is it. I'm hoping to use this on large project board making multiple smaller items that will be engraved on and then cut out. Any ideas or comments you have would be helpful and appreciated. Again thank you for this video it put me on the RM laser path.

  8. Chad I've been looking at engraving vs cutting and wattage. I see some forums state that the quality is not a fine using a 100watt laser vs a say 40watt laser. can you tell me about your experience with this. I don't really want to purchase 2 lasers at this point. if you have any videos or forums, you can point me at to research this further.

  9. Chad that video helped me a lot. I've been looking into laser machines. I have a Shapeoko XXL 3 CNC right now and laser is my next purchase. I really don't know much about them however I've now taken a couple of classes. The teachers each mentioned that the biggest issue with Chinese lasers are there is no support to call when you have issues. Do you know if there are videos out there on setting and or changing the mirrors, lenses, belts etc. Also are there different size lenses and if so should I order several of each kind with this laser? I been emailing with Ray and let him know I found his laser on your YouTube site. I'm thinking of purchasing this next week so I'm just trying to make sure I can get some sort of support once I purchase it.

  10. Im looking at just getting started with an engraving business. It will start in my residential garage. I want a laser that I can grow into once I start expanding into cutting. To start it will be glass wear and tumblers. Already have a couple of leads that will be buying from my start. Is the big blue a reasonable fit for a garage start up? I have a dedicated amount of funds all ready to set up. Also how do I contact your supplier to give you the referral! Thanks so much.

  11. Love seeing all the different uses of
    Lasers out there and you guys posting these videos that help the laser game grown faster then ever and bear with me through the beginning of this comment the end will be helpful I hope! I have around 10 years of experience operating,Programming, working on, and more recently traveling to different large laser companies to help push the High KW industrial fiber lasers to even crazier heights. I also manage now 27 lasers from 4.4k co2, 6k fibers with full automation, and many high kw from 10k – now 30k after the 2 30k we just purchased. I love seeing all levels of uses for lasers but I have been trying to let you co2 guys know
    That you might want to watch and keep tabs with your parts suppliers in the coming months. November 2022 and into 2023 is going to be a big year for
    The direction of
    Lasers, primarily the phasing out with co2 technology. I have been seeing it for a few years now a my job is to watch the industry close but many of the big guys have made it
    Clear and will
    Be announcing it very soon they they will stop producing and supporting co2 laser, parts, and training of future technicians on them. That will not effect you guys as quickly but if you plan to stay in the laser world in the future then I would either increase PMs, stock essential parts now and not when that start going up, and learn why you can yo fix it yourself. Orrr with fiber technology getting much cheaper and much much easier to get, I would start the research and preparations to make the switch. Trust me I have been on the front lines for the many ups and downs to get the fibers where they are and it will be worth it when the dust settles. You will have far more capabilities, more precise and the operating cost is a fraction over all.

  12. Another question I'm putting a logo on a stainless tumbler and power is 90 and speed 200 using cold galvanized compound and when I wipe off it takes everything off

  13. Having problems with framing on tumbler the x movement I set the numbers in lightburn move section and I go to framing and the x goes to a different location any help I would appreciate thanks

  14. Got mine on order (the RM750, this one is too big to fit in my shop 🙁 ), Ray has been very pleasant to work with, answering all my questions. Should be shipping after my credit card transaction goes through. I'll update once it's in my possession to put any skeptics (like I was) at ease! Thanks Chad for this awesome video.

  15. Hi Chad you just helped me make a purchase for a Big blue of my own! Super excited for when it gets here. Any chance you could email me your test engrave and cut grids? It would save me a lot of time for having to make my own on lightburn

  16. Hey Chad! What is the outside dimension of the RM Laser? Wondering if I can fit this through my 36" shop door (door frame 34" 5/8ish). Don't have a garage door or roll up door.

  17. I recently been entertaining the idea of starting my own engraving business. Kind in mind i really dont have much idea what im doing lol. Specially with what machines or softwares i would need.. Any advice on what machine would be good for a beginner like me..? Thanks and great videos!!!

  18. Nice video Chad. I just bought the RmLaser RM750 and was wondering if you have a video that covers the chiller and hooking up the air, like what is the input air pressure. Does the chiller automatically fill the tube when turned on the first time? Thanks

  19. I’ve been looking for a laser I can fit in my basement but I haven’t found anything that’ll work.
    Is there anyway that this laser could be stripped down. I need it to fit through the door way that’s about 27 inches.

  20. Hi Chad,

    We purchased the blue laser a few months ago after watching this. We've been pretty happy with it so far. Have you tried engraving Dual Color engraver stock with it? I haven't had much luck searching online for engraving with this 90W laser. Any help would be appreciated.

    The material we are attempting to engrave is called Duets Select By Gemini

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