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Banggood 3018 Mini Cnc Router Kit Build, Test & Review


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In this video I built a mini cnc kit and tested it with wood, acrylic, aluminium and fr4 pcb material.

Banggood 3018 Mini Cnc Router Kit https://www.banggood.com/custlink/K3mKbMkHyf

ER11 collet holder https://www.banggood.com/custlink/DDK32OntlI
(To install the collet holder, heat it up and tap it onto the spindle motor shaft)

End Mills 1 – 3mm https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KG33MjQ54p

22mm surface planing bit https://www.banggood.com/custlink/vGvE8OZoK2
(Use with an ER11 6mm collet for spoil board surfacing)

Banggood 3018 3 Axis Mini Cnc Router Build, test & Review


Other mini cnc videos:
Eleksmill https://youtu.be/MG5BQI3h6Ek (Best for pcb milling)
3018-MX3 https://youtu.be/N2UOCccnewE (For Mach3 software)



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  1. Finally trying to use my 3018 and following your instructions. All ok until setup. Status box just says connected…doesn't change when using jog. Zero buttons are greyed out and don't respond even though jog is working fine. Tried a basic shape from Easel. Machine works away as the instructions run down but it is nowhere near the workpiece. Help !

  2. Thank you so much for this video. I never would have got this together without it!
    Mines a few years newer, but virtually the same. The instructions came on usb drive, but weren't even for this model, a completely different style.. lol
    Thank you so very much again for the very detailed directions!

  3. I have a similar machine with the exact same controller. It's difficult finding some of the functions, but you showed them well and now I shall install my end-stop limit switches!

  4. I still think this is a very good video!
    it is a pity that the extreme is often expected from this machine,
    be satisfied with wood plastic and PCB.
    For metal you just have to buy another machine!
    (how hard is it to figure that out? it's a cheap machine!)
    take pleasure in that!

    Healthy and Friendly Greetings from the Netherlands!

  5. Same, thank you!
    Excellent video. So easy to follow and a pleasure to watch. I am new to CNC so knew nothing, you have covered everything to get people up and running, Banggood should be very grateful for your work. Thank you!

  6. hi, thanks for the video.. i am wondering, how is this cnc for slow motion ? very slow motion, did you try ? thanks for your answer, it is important for me before i buy it

  7. Next day… got most problems resolved..BUT.. the “ manual” seem in this video…is not what I got!
    Basically all done except, fix the board to the frame and wire it up.
    However two problems. The booklet I got shows two different boards, one blue, one green. The board I got is blue…..but the layout is nothing like either of the other two! The board I have also caters for diode lasers
    The XYZ motor plugs on the board…are marked. .. for laser!
    The problem…the boards needs M3 screws to afix to the frame….none of the screws left over…are M3.
    I have M3…but no T nuts! Looks like its going to sit on the bench!
    Or so I thought, until I cam back to this video! There is nothing in the “assembly manual”!

  8. This is an old video, but just had one delivered and started to assemble it.
    The fairly useless assemble “instructions” are pictures. And give measurements for the rails and where to place the bearings on the bed plate….all wrong. The two stepper motors have a rough “ engineered set of holes, four each M3 x 6 screws…which could not pass through the holder plate,…so resorted to drilling then out! Next, each motor is fitted via the adapter plate, to the frame using M5 x 10mm screws and T nuts….again I had to drill out the irregular almost oval hole.
    All that and incorrect measurements irritated me, I went into …sort it out mode and got things moving, but I imagine the confusion would really confuse a new first time buyer, having the benefit of assembling other machine “kits” from the online stores. Not really expecting it to get better when I go back to it tomorrow!

  9. Very nice. I followed the steps you explained. Only problem I have: Z axis movement are reversed. Up is down and down is up. I tried playing with the $3 values, but no luck. Any advice?

  10. Thank you for another excellent video. The million dollar question if I may. At roughly the same price which would be your first choice: this machine or the Genmitsu 3018 Pro? In making the purchase an upgrade to a 3040 would be a definite consideration. Any advice appreciated.

  11. HI.. great video 😀 thanks…
    Can You maybe help me with one thing.. My 3018CNC was set ok with X,Y,Z axes, but I did insert $3=5 in the command line and all is reverted.. how can I change this back? I added again $3=5 but it did not help

  12. they are a great little machine with a few cheap upgrades. i have one dedicated to milling timber fishing lure bodys with a diy 4 axis addon. cost $350Aud for the lot and i made my money back in a week selling a hand full of lures.

    it makes me $35 a hour

  13. I have new controller card of CNC3018 mini(red color). how I can connect probe to new controller card.please let me know pins for probe in new card.2ndly I want to know, I have to enable probe option in program of not?

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