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Bad day for cnc worker


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Bad day for cnc worker.
A video that is sure to lift your spirits. Coolant replenishment has turned into a nightmare !
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  1. Where I work we have automatic fill system with level detection so only thing that needs to be done is change empty barrel of oil for a new one. Clever and effective system.

  2. I've done it at least half a dozen times, luckily we have a floor scrubber/space so cleanup isn't terrible. Over on our screw machines though, we have the spring valves but everyone would find a part the right size to jam in there and walk away from. way worse cleaning that oil up, in the end a shovel is best…

  3. This is nothing. Try leaving the coolant on night shift and forgetting it then clocking out from work to go home and getting a msg from your supervisor 3 hrs later with a pic of a river flowing. Thank goodness we had a zamboni to vacuum it all up.

  4. Never happened to the shop I worked before. We mix concentrate coolant with water in a bucket then fill the tank with it. No way we can take off our eyes while filling it to the max level.

  5. That's nothing, I used to do that about once a week lol. Once a guy I worked with started filling his machine then forgot and went for hour and bit long lunch break. Filled 1-1/2 full size oil drums with all the coolant that overflowed.

  6. Back when I was working for VW on CNC machines my co-worker once overfilled the tank then out of panic pulled that hose really fast while pressure was high and almost shorted machine electronics and showered himself.

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