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Affordable Plasma Cutter for CNC (Cut50L)


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NEW replacement for the Cut50L: https://dflo.info/Lotos-CNC-Plasma
Plasma Cutters for CNC Tables: https://geni.us/Plasma-Cutters
OpenBuilds Plasma Table: https://dflo.info/Plasma-Table

Heat Treatable PLA Filament: https://geni.us/HTPLA

Supplies & Equipment:
Common tools and supplies: https://dflo.info/Amazon

** Please note: Dr. D-Flo was not paid to review the Cut50L, but he did receive the unit for free. **

Dr. D-Flo’s Plasma Table Build Video: https://youtu.be/mbo6soXn_kQ

This Dr. D-Flo video is packed full of plasma cutting content. First, David will determine if the Cut50L is compatible with the Lead Plasma table. Many import plasma cutters claim to work with hobbyist CNC tables like the Lead Plasma but in reality their use of a high frequency spark to start the plasma stream interferes with nearby electronics, such as the computer that controls the plasma cutter. To help clear up some confusion, David will explain the different operating principles of high frequency versus low frequency start plasma systems.

To put the Cut50L through its paces, David has a couple of projects lined up. One of these projects is a giant “LOVE” sign that will be used as decoration at his sister’s wedding. And yes, there will be some wedding footage, so stick around until the end of the video if you are interested.
This video also dives into common problems that arise when plasma cutting, such as short consumable life. Learn when to switch out the electrode and nozzle and how to prolong the life of these components by using clean, dry air.

The last project in this video will require some welding! Dr. D-Flo is adding a new tool to his garage, and it would not be possible without his new channel sponsor: HTP America. The ability to weld ferrous and nonferrous materials together with the Pro Pulse 220 will open the door to many awesome projects, so get subscribed!

Table of Contents
00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Modifications to Plasma Table
01:39 – CUT50L Overview
02:34 – High vs. Low Frequency Start
04:14 – CUT50L Test Cuts
06:11 – Love Sign
10:51 – Beer Caddy
12:45 – Dry Air
14:19 – Welding the Beer Caddy
17:46 – Finished Projects

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  1. If you haven't already you should buy some thinner gloves lot easier to weld with the gloves you've got on you would typically be using if you were stick welding or using a torch. The gloves I wear daily are kid gloves I'm referring to the deerskin very soft but I'm able to Tig with the gloves on and I normally only wear a glove on my non-dominant hand because I use that hand to guide with when I'm MIG welding TIG welding I normally just use one glove as well

  2. Does anybody know if the Cut60L is a low frequency pilot arc start machine like the Cut50L. I do know the Cut60L comes with a PT-80 torch but it’s not a blow back type torch (no spring electrode).

  3. Is furly water in your compressed air there are methods using copper pipes as a heat sink to cause water to get trapped in a log section of tuning that may help is that mail linked in the amount of life your filter has

  4. David thanks for info. Are you making torch holder available I like the one you made. I see the 50L is available on Amazon are you partnered to receive a spiff I’d buy one thru you

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