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HomeCNC Plasma CuttersA GIRL builds CNC plasma cutting machine. DIY. Part 1.

A GIRL builds CNC plasma cutting machine. DIY. Part 1.


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In this video, I will start making a CNC plasma cutter with my own hands without experience and I will also conduct the first tests.
Join me and let’s see together what happens 😉



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  1. 8:55 Oh no! Use either WAGO Lever-Nuts or solder seal wire connectors. I suggest the WAGO, you can take them off. Easy to use and relatively inexpensive, worth the time savings. If you're made of money, use wire ferrules on everything too 😉

  2. 7:53 – such a long and thin rod will have a significant torsion introducing linear differences between two sides of the gantry. Especially during accelerations. It's better to use thin walled alu tubing. Try diameter that fits the couplings you're using so it will be easy to fit it. You'll see the difference in stiffnes.

  3. First time seeing your work… I was watching your build, then I spotted your lathe in the background. It looks super nice. Now I'm hoping you have a video featuring it !

  4. ИМХО, железа много,а точнее ненужного в виде конструкционного профиля и рельс. Для фрезера порталхлипковат, а на плазму слишком избыточно и соответственно неоправдано дорого. ШВП тоже сомнительно,изначально ременные редуктора,а потом бац,и ШВП. Зачем?ШВП – потеря скорости,тонкий лист будет медленно кроить.

  5. В бюстгалтер стружка и искры не паопадали? А в глазки? А-та-та – сказал бы инженер по охране труда)))

  6. Total respect for someone who plans ahead and knows what they are doing. Heating aluminium before TIG welding? Total respect after seeing that. I will be subscribing from now on

  7. My god, I think I am in love. I wish I could do what you do. I want to make a CNC plasma cutting table but I have no idea where to start. Your video has given me an idea though. Do you think you might have plans for this build that we can get?

  8. Yooooo this is wicked! You have some serious talent! I recently picked up a plasma for some home projects and once I saw how quick, clean and easy it was I was like damn, I gotta automate this! This is one of the better build videos I've seen and it's definitely given me my own ideas. Have a sub and keep up the good work! 🙂

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