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A CNC Router CAN make $25,000 per month 3D carving #MY CHANNEL CAN SHOW YOU HOW*


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402 Work-holding, 3D carving, tips, and tricks, with your 6012 CNC Router

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  1. I love the job am planning on buying a CNC machine… I did subscribed to your channel…. What are the software you work on the computer to draw the image?

  2. Thanks for showing this process. Now can you please shoe how do one carve a true 3D object? For example, a model car that has mirrors and wheels with voids vertically.

  3. Great video! A couple things came to mind while watching. Personally I’d rather predrill the screw holes on the guide blocks than hammer on the machines bed. The other thing was that it sounded like your spindle was still getting up to speed when it hit the material. Love the Timelapse! When you vacuum away the sawdust it’s magic!

  4. Hi Roger,
    That is beautiful work!

    I would like to ask a question that i haven't seen in the other comments. I hope I'm not out of line. How do you market your product? Are your products all custom made? The title to your video is How to make $5,000/week. Would you be willing to give some insight as to how you do it? I think it would be great if you made a video that explains how you do it.

    Thanks again for your great videos.

  5. After a fair amount of watching these videos as well as reading about others I finally managed to reproduce this (with different models). It's basically two-pass CNC, first an adaptive clearing with large bit to remove most of the material then a tapered ball end bit to finish. As Roger says, the final finish doesn't need to be sanded. I brought my carving to a local Woodcraft store and they were blown away. The only disadvantage is that the stepover for the finishing has to be about .1mm – .2mm which takes forever to carve.

    Thanks for visually documenting this, it was a lot easier to learn how to do it on my x-carve.

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