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Friday, September 22, 2023
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A CNC Mill For Less Than $200 – Is It Worth Buying? (CNC 3018 Pro)


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G’day everyone,

I have been wanting to get my hands on one of these cheap CNC kits for quite some time. It is more of a curiosity, rather than an investment. I want to know what can you get for $200. I have seen these CNC machines on ebay for a long time, but I recently saw a listing on sale for less than $200, so I took the gamble. This is a CNC 3018 Pro from Vevor. In this video I’ll unbox it, assemble it, go through my first impressions and take a few test cuts in various materials. I hope you enjoy the video.

0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Unboxing
1:21 – Going Through The Components In The Box
4:28 – Assembling The Mini Mill
6:13 – Overview And First Impressions
7:47 – Spindle, ER 11 Collet And Cutters
10:32 – Rigidity Concerns
11:41 – GRBL Computer Controller
13:00 -Test Engraving In Wood And Aluminium
15:34 – Making Toolpaths In Fusion 360
16:08 – Cutting Profiles In Wood And Acrylic
17:52 – Test Cuts in Aluminium
18:25 – Final Thoughts

#CNC #CNC3018 #Machining

CNC 3018 Pro



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  1. Cool review,

    Also, its interesting listening to your commentary. Your inflection at the end of sentences are completely different when you're continuing a thought into another sentence and when stopping the overall thought. Your pitch seems to lightly lower and slow down when your ending a though.

    Just an interesting pick up, make it easy to keep up.

  2. Thank you for investing your time energy and money into this video. For $200 I wouldn’t expect much, but that spindle run out kinda bothers me….it’s a CNC machine. That should be a lot closer to true. I understand the motor noise and rigidity issues because it’s inexpensive. Just my opinion, such that it is.

  3. I think calling these a mill is a stretch. They are usually shown engraving, you could put a laser I guess if there is a way to control it. Just not very robust but hey it's a 200 dollar machine lol

  4. I own one of these. They are fully upgradeable and putting it together teaches you how to repair and upgrade them. Replace the spindle immediately though. Way too much runout on the spindle it comes with. It tries to burn wood too much otherwise.

  5. You need to add a sub straight to the top we use a dense 3/4" Vacuum parodical board on the lg CNC's add it to your Aluminum base to mill into, a 1/4" or 1/2" piece of Plywood should work just fine for the smaller models

  6. I bought it once and now it's in the closet. Everything worked fine except for setting the spindle to the "home" position – the spindle tried to break through the base or go to the ceiling, and overall it went crazy.

  7. That reminds me of my drill press. It wasn't exactly cheap at about AU$200+, but it's only good for wood and soft metals, such as aluminium. That's because it's belt-driven between two sets of differently sized wheels that the belt sits in. The belt can be moved between them to adjust the speed, but the speed only gets to about half what is needed for drilling steel. The other day, I tried enlarging the hole in the centre of a lawn mower blade, but the drill press kept jamming. It kind of makes me wish I'd just stuck with using my regular power drill, although it's not as accurate for upright holes.

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