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6040 CNC Router vs CNC Mill: A Quick Comparison


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Today we’ll walk through the differences between my 6040 cnc router and cnc converted Grizzly G0704 mill.

FIRST 6040 CNC VIDEO:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZIjGDiJc_A

The G0704 CNC conversion was purchased from “Arizona Video” on ebay.

The Power draw bar was purchased from:

The Control Box and Steppers were purchased from:

Come add me on instagram, twitter or facebook:

Equipment used to produce this video:

Main Camera: Canon 80D – http://amzn.to/2jigh0J
Wide Angle Lens: Canon 10-18 – http://amzn.to/2jifH3r
Video Camera: Canon Vixia – http://amzn.to/2jsPbYn
Audio Recorder: Zoom H1 – http://amzn.to/2jieado
Lavalier Microphone – http://amzn.to/2kw7u0o
Studio Lighting – http://amzn.to/2ji8UXu



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  1. You can cut aluminum using a router, we do it all the time, you just need a router with SOME HEFT, like a cast iron table/welded steel structure with ball screws & linear rails and a 5KW spindle.

  2. Hey @JasonSnyder01, I'm going through all your videos, and I really appreciate your take on the CNC/machining. I also think that your inclusion of the marketing side of things is invaluable! On one of your recent videos, you showed your workstation, and there was a big knob thing on the table. It looked like it was 3-4 inches in diameter. What is that, and what's it for? Keep up the stellar work!

  3. This was GREAT! OK now for the details – what is the total cost of your extinct CNC router with all of your upgrades? What would you recommend/purchase today if you had to replace it? What was the total cost of your CNC Mill with all of your upgrades (including the mill)? Thanks for the information in tiny digestible chunks. Happy and safe holidays!

  4. Love your vids but … Yeah I don't think you should form an opinion on CNC routers based on a 6040. It's ok I guess for some stuff but as you pointed out it is not very rigid. You should look at some other CNC router videos, like Sebastian End (although they are in German) with real linear guides (not the supported rods you have on the 6040s) and a good design they are really good even for some pretty hefty aluminum work (at amazing feeds too and with pretty good depths of cut). Especially when fitted with things like good hybrid servos (instead of open loop steppers, or even closed loop steppers). You probably would not do steel or or such on them indeed, but that that would be in no small part due to the speed of the spindle. Luckily it is an ever changing scene with more and more stuff making it to the hobby market at 'fair' prices. Sebastian is even making his own heavy duty mill from scratch right now and believe me, it is pretty darn rigid and more than capable to do far more than just aluminum.

  5. I;ll tell you what… That 5 minute video Just saved me thousands of dollars! ..and pointed me in the right direction! Was going to try and cut steel with cnc router… How to say THANK YOU thousands of times!

  6. One thing I'd like to point out is the spindle speeds on a grizzly or optimum bf20L are not fast enough for aluminium. I used to have one which would cut but I basically had to setup a full flood coolant system to get it to cut without gunking up the tool bits.

  7. Its hard even now that some lathes have more then just rotary degrees of freedom you can even do equivalent on lathes vs mills to. So i think its the speed factor to where one machines movement for same gcode is just less instruction there for faster to produce the end part. Note that you could do a part on any major cnc machine just more speed. But also the size of your machine limits the size of what you can fabricate to. I am inexperience with all this just my thoughts great video cool stuff.

  8. Nice simple explanation, I was confused a little on the different type of cnc machines and when to uses which ones. It seems most modern cnc based machines all have enough degrees of freedom to manufacture any 3d object. And even alot have customized toolsets so you can switch out many different tools for different materials.

  9. If you are making fine sawdust or carbon fiber dust, better wear a half-mask respirator with P100 filters! E.g. 3M 7500 series. Fine dust gets in your lungs and makes scar tissue. Respirator at $20..30 vs. health issues at $$$$$…

  10. I would put my 20mm ball screw, low to bed gantry, CNC machine up against your mill any day for rigidity. Your CNC looks like a joke it had so much flex in it. I can't believe they would even try to sell that.

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