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代表取締役社長 大町亮介

Thank you for 5,000,000 views!
In 2008, we started to push the limits of 5-axis machining with the introduction of a 5-axis machine. 5-axis machines can machine everything except the clamping points, which means that they can machine almost any sphere.
The answer to this question was the “1/1 helmet” project, which was the answer to the question of what kind of spherical sample could be produced on the φ500mm table of the machine. In order to make the ultimate 5-axis machining sample, the machine must be able to cut accurately according to the program, as a matter of course. In order to make the ultimate 5-axis machining sample, it was obvious that the machine had to be the one that would be used for the machining of the helmet, but at the time, many 5-axis machines were still in their infancy, and it was the German-made DMG machine that made it possible.
It was essential to have a CAM system that would encourage the spirit of engineers to challenge the limits.
OpenMind and hyperMILL are now indispensable to our 5-axis machining, but for more than 10 years they have been providing us with unique algorithms, overwhelming interference avoidance capabilities, and ease of use that is truly profound once you get into it. HyperMILL has definitely accelerated our passion for technological exploration. The overwhelming number of 5 million views for a machining video is proof of the technology created by the collaboration of Daishin Seiki engineers, DMGMORI, and hyperMILL. I am truly grateful that the “1/1 helmet” and the video created in 2009, the fruit of our learning and efforts at that time, have not faded and continue to shine as a symbol of 5-axis machining. As we have grown over the past 10 years, our key partners, DMGMORI and hyperMILL, have also continued to evolve. “The world of manufacturing is changing at an accelerated pace, but the relationship that can now be called a family will not change and will continue into the future.
Once again, I would like to thank everyone around the world who has watched this video.
Thank you very much. Thank you for your continued support.
Daishin Seiki Co. Ryosuke Omachi, President and Representative Director



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  2. this is amazing i currently run a 5 axis haas umc750ss and i wish it had spindle orientation, the possibilities are endless, great piece of work and brilliant quality of engineering, hats off to the programmer very well done

  3. Hi, it’s there a 2021 version of the machine and programe and what is the name in case that exists? Please, thanks a lot and great channel. (I need to do a project with this machine and in my country we don’t have the professional to do it, if you have some contact I’ll be for ever on your debt)

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong… but this machine is 6 axis… X, Y, Z, B, C, and the table that seems to tilt 270 degrees at any angle. I count 6. Correct me if I'm wrong. But we just bought 3 brand new mori seiki 5 axis mill/lathes. With all the bells and whistles. And the ones that they offered with the table option were considered 6 axis. So again, please correct me if I'm wrong. We have 48 machines, but just bought our first 5 axis machines.

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