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5axis CNC Machining Parts|Milling|SUS Turning components supplier,Hardware factory OEM Service Price


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CNC machining services refer to customizing CNC machining parts by using CNC machining technologies, including CNC turning services and CNC milling services. Of course, these two can also be combined into compound machining. A top custom CNC machining parts manufacturer has a lot of experience in custom CNC machining services.

Are you still looking for an excellent manufacturer of precision custom CNC milling parts? Are you still looking for custom CNC Milling services that are top-notch around the world? You got it here! Artisan Industry is a custom CNC milled parts manufacturer that can give you the exact CNC machining services you want. As a top Chinese custom CNC milled parts manufacturer, Artisan Industry provides excellent precision CNC milling services and unparalleled low-cost CNC milling parts. The precision CNC milled parts produced by Artisan Industry are used in many fields, such as lighting, medical equipment, machinery manufacturing, automobile, locks, defense and aerospace, and various machining industries.

Think about it. Why are the turning parts that you bought so expensive and in low quality? It is only because your custom CNC turned parts manufacturer does not have excellent machining capabilities. If you want to buy custom CNC turning parts with high quality but at a lower price, you should come to a powerful custom CNC turned parts manufacturer like Artisan Industry. Why? Is 20 years of CNC machining experience enough for you? Do you think you can afford to miss such a world class custom CNC turned part manufacturer which provides top CNC turning services and custom CNC turning parts?

Metal stamping parts are processed by different metal stamping suppliers, and their quality is different, as is custom metal stamping parts. An excellent metal stamping supplier, they can not only provide you with excellent precision custom metal stamping parts, they will also provide you with a series of professional metal stamping services, and they can process a lot of materials, giving you more Rich choices, such as aluminum stamping, or brass stamping, copper stamping.

Metal Casting Parts
Material: aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, carbon steel, titanium alloy, iron, carbon fiber, plastic, ceramic, bamboo, wood, acrylic, etc.
Machining: CNC machining, CNC milling and turning, grinding, bending, stamping, casting, etc.
Surface treatment: oxidation, hard anodizing, zinc-plating, nickel-plating, chrome-plating, silver-plating, gold-plating, etc.
Application: electronics, communication, auto parts, furniture, military, aerospace, navigation, health care, infrastructure, etc.

1 1Cr17Mn6Ni5N 12Cr17Mn6Ni5N SUS201 201 S20100 STS201 1.4372 10Cr17Mn6Ni4N20 201-2 201
2 1Cr18Mn8Ni5N 12Cr18Mn9Ni5N SUS202 202 S20200 STS202 1.4373   – 202
3 1Cr17Ni7 12Cr17Ni7 SUS301 301 S30100 STS301 1.4319 10Cr17Ni7 301 301
4 0Cr18Ni9 06Cr19Ni10 SUS304 304 S30400 STS304 1.4301 07Cr18Ni9 304 304
5 00Cr19Ni10 022Cr19Ni10 SUS304L 304L S30403 STS304L 1.4306 02Cr18Ni11 304L 304L
6 0Cr19Ni9N 06Cr19Ni10N SUS304N1 304N S30451 STS304N1 1.4315 – 304N1 304N1
7 0Cr19Ni10NbN 06Cr19Ni9NbN SUS304N2 XM21 S30452 STS304N2 – – 304N2 304N2
8 00Cr18Ni10N 022Cr19Ni10N SUS304LN 304LN S30453 STS304LN – – 304LN 304LN
9 1Cr18Ni12 10Cr18Ni12 SUS305 305 S30500 STS305 1.4303 – 305 305
10 0Cr23Ni13 06Cr23Ni13 SUS309S 309S S30908 STS309S 1.4833 – 309S 309S
11 0Cr25Ni20 06Cr25Ni20 SUS310S 310S S31008 STS310S 1.4845 – 310S 310S
12 0Cr17Ni12Mo2 06Cr17Ni12Mo2 SUS316 316 S31600 STS316 1.4401 04Cr17Ni12Mo2 316 316
13 0Cr18Ni12Mo3Ti 06Cr17Ni12Mo2Ti SUS316Ti  316Ti S31635 – 1.4571 04Cr17Ni12MoTi20 316Ti  316Ti
14 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 SUS316L 316L S31603 STS316L 1.4404 ~02Cr17Ni12Mo2 316L 316L
15 0Cr17Ni12Mo2N 06Cr17Ni12Mo2N SUS316N 316N S31651 STS316N – – 316N 316N
16 00Cr17Ni13Mo2N 022Cr17Ni13Mo2N SUS316LN 316LN S31653 STS316LN 1.4429 – 316LN 316LN
17 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Cu2 06Cr18Ni12Mo2Cu2 SUS316J1 – – STS316J1 – – 316J1 316J1
18 00Cr18Ni14Mo2Cu2 022Cr18Ni14Mo2Cu2 SUS316J1L – – STS316J1L – – – 316J1L
19 0Cr19Ni13Mo3 06Cr19Ni13Mo3 SUS317 317 S31700 STS317 – – 317 317
20 00Cr19Ni13Mo3 022Cr19Ni13Mo3 SUS317L 317L S31703 STS317L 1.4438 – 317L 317L
21 0Cr18Ni10Ti 06Cr18Ni11Ti SUS321 321 S32100 STS321 1.4541 04Cr18Ni10Ti20 321 321
22 0Cr18Ni11Nb 06Cr18Ni11Nb SUS347 347 S34700 STS347 1.4550 04Cr18Ni10Nb40 347 347

23 0Cr26Ni5Mo2 – SUS329J1 329 S32900 STS329J1 1.4477 – 329J1 329J1
24 00Cr18Ni5Mo3Si2 022Cr19Ni5Mo3Si2N SUS329J3L – S31803 STS329J3L 1.4462 – 329J3L 329J3L



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