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4 of 23 • Wood Routers: How To Make A Jig To Route A Tapered Fluted Leg


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circle cutter holes http://AskWoodMan.com/

In this video I show cutting a hole in plywood for the router index box using a circle cutter on the drill press. I discuss the layout markings on the leg blank where various router operations will be performed. I get the leg mounted on the lathe for for tuning the indexing cylinders on each end.

Routing A Wood Table Leg • 4 of 23 • Router Series for Woodworkers

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  1. WOW!
    I have never seen anyone use the tongue & rabbet joinery in frame joinery the way you do. Most people just make all 4 aprons the same, then cut a large slot in front to receive the drawer. Your design is easy & stronger then the way I was taught to fit a drawer.

  2. My cutter is getting kind of short from years of use but I can still cut 20mm 3/4" There are better more heavy duty ones than mine that are under $30. Mine is at least 25 years old. Replacement tool steel cutters are cheap if I can just remember to pick on up when I go to my machine shop supply. About $3-$4.

  3. The main reason is a Forstner or spade can be used in a hand held drill while a circle cutter must only be used on a drill press. It is just the best for making custom sized precise holes cut absolutely clean.

  4. It is called a circle cutter. It will cut either holes or wheels depending how the bit is oriented in the holder. It is such a money saver because any custom hole size within its range is possible. Check out Video 14 in the mallet series for more circle cutting with this setup.

  5. @TheBobbybits That is a very old school setup. I knew old lathes often had wooden sheaves, so I thought Baltic plywood screwed and glued together and locked to the shaft with a collar and key way would work. 14 years later all is well. I put the pulleys on their shafts just roughly circular and cut the grooves and outside diameters true to their respective shafts. It is just a 1hp motor 1750rpm. Did not want anything too powerful because lathes can be dangerous in an instant.

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