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$350 Budget DIY CNC Plasma Cutter – Quick and Easy


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Instructions for a 1 to 2 day build on a CNC Plasma Cutter
Plans – https://jdsgarage.bigcartel.com/

For all inquires email us jsaction4[at]gmail.com

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  1. 2:39 Isn't the PLA printed part holding the plasma torch exposed to temperatures that could either melt or at least soften it and affect the torch tip position? Either from heat from within the torch head itself, or from heat coming up from the plasma arc and hot metal (if a slow thick cut on a curve like a smallish circle that keeps it more or less in one place over the super hot metal)?

  2. I am looking to build similar system only I wanted to go 48" x 48" do you think the single gantry arm would be sufficient? If not how hard would it be to modify plans to have additional slaved Y motor and second gantry arm. Also do you just manually set Z height before each cut?

  3. I think this looks awesome, I've built a plasma and co2 laser setup myself then upgraded to a crossfire pro for my plasma needs(i also operate a 12x40ft plasma at work). I'm sure you did your research, regardless, be mindfully of how close your design is to langmuir systems. I don't know what if any patents they hold on their design(i would assume very few on the mechanical side, probably just software and their logic board layout). Do you plan on introducing a z axis in the future? I designed one for my homemade machine then ended up buying the crossfire pro anyway. The thc makes a huge difference for tip ups, dross, and consumable life.

  4. Hi there, are the plans downloaded or physical set? I was expecting a download, but when I put in my address I got a no shipping to Canada message. ?

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