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100w laser can make $12,000 a week making 30+ art deco panel per day #MY CHANNEL CAN SHOW YOU HOW*


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366 Roger Webb takes you through the full process of preparing 100w laser cutting an art deco panel.
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  1. Hi dear sir m from India but currently m doing job in Kuwait I am laser cutting operator and I do make something design on AutoCAD Andi want to come in USA for job as a operator or AutoCAD designer I wish you please reply me sir please

  2. I would have charged more because it's custom designed and sized specifically to fit on a door. He used a program and spent time redesigning it and that in itself is a skill set and, the CO2 laser bulb is very expensive it. Used 2 hours of it's life span to make it.

  3. Your video helped me a lot, thank you so much mate.
    I'm planning to start my on small business in beekeeping and I would like very much to have your recommendation on which is the best laser cutting machine would be suitable for me to make Langstroth Beehive boxes made of 20mm thick Pinewood and Cedar Wood with finger joints shape.
    Thanking you for your kind feedback in advance and best regards…

  4. what brand is your laser Mr. Webb. I currently have diode laser and I am looking at upgrading to something that is going to last and I enjoyed your video when you did a walk through and the importance of fume extractor.

  5. Nice work! I like the Sony Real-to-real in the background. It looks like the same model my dad bought in the late 60s while in Okinawa.
    But, why is the lever in the play position, and it's not running?

  6. Man, I definitely gotta get a laser. My cnc would take over two hours for this piece, and would not be as clean. And then I'd have to do a bunch of sanding afterwards. Thanks for your videos Roger ?

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