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Friday, September 22, 2023
HomeCNC Laser Cutting Machine10 Second Part - TORNOS MultiSwiss 8x26 Breakdown #cnc #machining #machinist #engineering...

10 Second Part – TORNOS MultiSwiss 8×26 Breakdown #cnc #machining #machinist #engineering #swiss


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  1. Somewhere in the world, there's group of engineers saying " loook loook the idiot engineering student just catched up with this technology , let's design something even more complex and fast so that when he wakes up tomorrow morning he'll feel useless again ๐Ÿ˜" ๐Ÿ˜ข

  2. Its a little more than 10 seconds. You dont start with 7 parts in each station, you start with 1 until 7 fill up. Which would start you at 70 seconds / part once all 7 stations are filled. Then each part made will take 10 seconds off each part until 6 are finished. Then each part takes 10 seconds average.

  3. What are the tolerances on these parts? Anyone can set a machine to 200% and make a part. it doesn't mean it's functional. Not trying to talk badly about you guys just you post a lot of videos of basic videos with fancy machines. I'd love for you guys to state the tolerances you have to hold

  4. Hold the fucking phone if it takes 10 fucking seconds to make that fucking part. Why in the fuck does it cost so much? Fucking money to get a part any more it doesn't take The actual fraction of the time to make the fucking. Part anymore This isn't fucking inflation, this is fucking stupidity on crack. What the fuck why are we charging in saying prices for shit? If the part took 10 fucking seconds to make, why in the fuck are we paying $10 $15 a fucking part, you're pumping them out, 8 a second. I get it takes 10 seconds to make one, but the point is.
    If it took you 10 seconds to make one of that machines going around in 8 revolutionary steps, and that period of time, it's not worth the prices for the part. At that point, you're making them so quickly they're worthless.
    Production value is gone at that point.

  5. 10 seconds per station. Start with station 1 and add up….. so definitely not a 10 second part. Yes its impressive. But a truly 10 second part…. no. 80 seconds from bar feeding in, getting the first op done, going thru the other op's and then ejecting…. just saying. Quit with the BS

  6. Spits a part every 10 seconds, not 10 seconds for the whole process. It took a lot longer to watch the process and each process was not complete before the video switched to to next process.

  7. Or use a chinese villlage. 8 chinese women, 4 used hacksaw blades, 2 files broken in half-ish to make 4 files, 86 cents an hour combined costs including tools. Precision part looks like it is carved out of wood with a rock. Sell as same part number. White liberal who has never touched a tool or fixed anything defends it as an items that maybe wont last as long but does the same job and is cheaper.

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